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The researcher retains that the positives that were found with textbased foreign language learning conducted in the aforementioned analyze would create results that were similar with older pupils as well. Dlugosz argues that communication-based learning is really created for those teachers who have a true mastery from the foreign language; however , there are many instructors particularly in most geographic places, who do not possess such mastery and could significantly benefit from other means of teaching language. Moreover, the researcher shows that those teachers who might be far less progressive in the foreign language would be able to employ text oriented pedagogy with children which were older as a way of cultivating foreign language learning instead of single relying on communication-based teaching (Dlugosz 2000).


Researcher Dlugosz acknowledges the conventional methodology training foreign language to students and notes that primarily major has been on oral connection as the strategy of instructions. However , this individual posits in the study that children are in a position of learning a foreign vocabulary with understanding more conveniently if they learn to see the nascent language from the beginning. Even though the article was easy to follow and understand as the author would not specify whether this was a qualitative or perhaps quantitative analyze, it was remaining to the audience to determine this kind of to be a quantitative study. In addition , because the specialist offered no theoretical presumptions and no obvious research questions, it is once again left for the reader to deduce the particular researcher set out to do. Acquired the investigator offered greater insight into the method or thinking that went into the study, it would not be necessary for the reader to create any presumptions.

The information and analysis come in the results supported the particular reader purports the research question to be: whether children are capable and in a position of learning a second language through the use of browsing with youthful learners. The results present a medically significant difference between your test and control group that supports the researchers’ thoughts and opinions. As such, you could argue the researcher obtained their goal. However , had the items been made very clear, the researchers’ position would seem more credible and considerably add to the disciplines body expertise.

Works Reported

Dlugosz, M. W. “Rethinking the position of studying in instructing a foreign dialect to fresh learners. ” ELT Journal 54. a few (2000): 284-290.

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