“Raw” by Scott Monk and “Hero of War” by Rise Against Extended response Essay


‘Institutions can change one for better or worse’ this quotation is verified in the book ‘raw’ simply by Scott Monk and ‘Hero of War’ by Rise Against. Throughout the contrasting ideas of rebellion and conformity, the responders are able to observe how institutions can manipulate one and have an adverse or positive impact. In ‘Raw’ by Jeff Monk, Brett uses rebellion to escape from his fears and then end up being liberated via it; he does this when he believes it is the only method to flexibility. When Brett first reaches the farm building he is offered trust and responsibility immediately which he is not used to when he has never been instantly trusted just before.

Brett is unaware of tips on how to react to this, as he provides only ever before experienced negative forms of power beforehand. Omfattande believes that Sam is usually naïve and stupid to get giving Brett and the friends at the farm trust. Sam believes in supplying everyone second chances which if persons want to change then it is about them. The institution can adjust one pertaining to better or perhaps worse but it’s to the persona to let the change, so if they decline the tools the institution provides them with, chances are they will stay a similar.

The farmville farm as an institution has a positive impact upon Brett, mainly because once this individual starts taking responsibility for his actions then this individual changes. “…He didn’t wish to be here. It absolutely was a waste materials of time…” through the use of third person frequentation the responders are able to see that Brett’s attitude towards the establishment as a whole is that, he is convinced that this institution is a waste of his period as he believes it isn’t going to support him. Afterwards in the book Brett comes to realisation following Josh leads to to him, Brett understands that he shouldn’t pin the consequence on his activities on everyone else, and that he is going to take responsibility and live up to the consequences.

The responders are able to see how much Omfattande has changed in the end of the book when Omfattande admits that it was his wrong doing that they split up. “…I’m one to blame! …” The exclamation mark is utilized to emphasise that he is currently taking responsibility to get his activities, and for when isn’t blaming it onto her. Because of the equipment that Mike has provided Brett this individual now knows that rebellion is usually not always the viable alternative. Thus the institution has changed Brett for the better, as he today he takes responsibility intended for his choices and doesn’t blame all others.

In contrast, the persona in ‘Hero of War’ By Rise Against, changes for the most severe as a result of this institution. Through the entire film video it shows flash backside of what he was like before he had joined the army,  which was content and he had a good self-image. Then over the clip were shown him being within a green area, where he is usually glowing and there is black around him, since the responders we can see the emotional harm which the identity has been through. “…I advised them to stop/But then I became a member of in…” This kind of complete rapport shows the group how he could be forced to adapt and abide by the company.

The effect on this is that the responders can see that even though the identity knows what he is carrying out is wrong, he is required to conform to the army. Ultimately of the online video we are displayed the personality walking the streets of America, painted in white with reddish colored glowing hands. This represents the sense of guilt which he feels to get conforming and taking the blameless lives.

The persona not anymore fits in to society’s mold. This is sarcastic as there is certainly still a high camera position on him showing that he has power, though he doesn’t fit in. As a result this institution has changed the persona to get the most detrimental as he has a sense of remorse within himself and doesn’t fit in to his home country which is America ‘the only flag I trust’ Finally through the study of Organic by Scott Monk and Hero of War simply by Rise Against, it is shown that institutions may have whether detrimental or perhaps beneficial impact on products of an institution.

This can be shown throughout the contrasting suggestions of Rebellion and Conformity.

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