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Racism and Society – Literature Notice

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Senator Mitch McConnell

317 Russell United states senate Office Building

Dear Senator McConnell:

I i am writing to convey my a reaction to your four-year effort in order that the failure in the presidential supervision of President Barak Obama. First, let me say that I possess never been a politically-oriented person; We am not really a registered voter. However , I have been monitoring news information about the latest state in the nation along with the disgraceful abuses of power exhibited by you and the additional high-ranking people of your His party Caucus. The way in which in which you plus your colleagues include reduced the U. S. Congress into a dysfunctional and ineffective Legislative Branch of each of our government (Grunwald, 2012) ‘s the reason I i am writing, the inspiration for this letter originates from my new exposure to several pieces of 20th Century literary works with which you will possibly not be familiar. Copies of them are encased for your browsing pleasure and convenience. It really is my sincerest hope that sharing these kinds of works with you may help you choose to reconsider your opposition towards the incumbent U. S. Director, especially because it appears very likely that he can be re-elected.

The connection among this books and your contribution to the nationwide political talk is that I really believe in my cardiovascular that your expressed aspire to ensure that Director Obama is actually a one-term leader is grounded in the same racist impulses within your constituency that has always opposed genuine racial equality. While I understand that political facts dictate the positions of elected public officials, I think there is a line below which will it is unacceptable to go for the reason that regard. I would really like you to consider the possibility that a single reason that (not-so-coincidentally) a lot of of your Conservative colleagues in Congress with worked the toughest to weaken the Leader happen to stand for former Confederate states and in addition those claims that opposed racial desegregation and incorporation the lengthiest (Edwards, Wattenberg, Lineberry, 2009).

It is my personal sincerest opinion that the historians looking again on the early on 21st Century will certainly regard this era as the “last stand” of institutionalized racism in the U. S. I anticipate that they will play back your highly-publicized statement of intention to make sure that the Guru of America is a inability in his initially term and they’ll compare the role inside the political environment of this period to the defiance of Alabama Governor George Wallace towards the desegregation of schools 50 years ago (Goldfield, Abbot, Argersinger, Argersinger, 2005). In my college class, My spouse and i listened to my own black classmates’ reactions to Zora Neal Hurston’s ardent essay How It Feels to Be Colored Me personally (1928) also to Just Walk on By simply, by Brent Staples (1986). Hurston describes her remembrances of growing up as a African-American woman in the early 20th Century; Staples offers a similar accounts more than a half a century afterwards. Both authors make very clear that white and black Americans do not have

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