Over the years Ontario has become a incredibly multicultural region, meaning all schools will be multicultural.

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Recently the government of Ontario offers thought about the concept of having colleges that are race-specific. These colleges would only be open to get a specific competition and bottom it within the abilities of this race. May a school similar to this work in our multicultural culture?

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There are many customers that would not agree with this decision for many reasons. Culture believes these schools will never prepare pupils for real life; they are a great old-fashion thought. The Canadian dream is usually to be multi-cultural but the inclusive place.

This thought of race structured schools is looked straight down upon in this society. People think that producing schools intended for specific races will not prepare students if they enter the real-world after finishing high school. Gonna race-specific institution students will simply be trained about the culture, and history of their own country. As well, they will be educated about the of their race in Canada, and what all their people have performed that has affected our record.

This is not correct because they should learn about what every race did that influenced our background. Since we could now moving into a modern county. Zanana Akande, a great Ontario Legislature speaks in black concentrated schools and says The situation in which we live, work and raise our children is not only a segregated a single, it is an bundled one. When these students surface finish high school they are so use for dealing with persons of their own kind, it will be tough for them to interact with others.

As a result these universities will not prepare them for future years in for university/collage and in the workplace. In all these types of institutions people are of all races, and ethnicities, so they need to learn how to take care of, and talk with these people. The concept of having race-specific schools can be archaic. In a modern multi-cultural society this may be moving one step in the contrary direction. Ontario is trying to increase culturally, although this would only move the province backside.

In many organizations they have courses that speak against racism, and try to prove that everyone is equivalent, and is able bodied to intake the same amount of knowledge and information. Producing these colleges would retrieve the racism into the country, and go against all these racism works. This would bring us back into period, where racism was portion of the norm.

College students should be learning in an environment where they are really surrounded by persons of different contest. Dalton Mcguinty speaks upon black centered schools and says I think each of our shared responsibility is to search for ways to deliver people with each other. (Toronto star). We ought to not always be moving in reverse, but rather move forward to a better system and society.

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