Psychology Opinion Paper Essay


There are a total of six approaches to psychology protected in phase one, these kinds of six approaches include: neurobiological, behavioral, humanistic, psychoanalytic, intellectual and socio-cultural approaches. Of such six techniques I’ve found the neurobiological and socio-cultural approaches to become the most powerful and believable for my personal views. The Neurobiological procedure in psychology is defined as viewing behavior while the result of stressed system features and biology.

I believe most effective in the Neurobiological approach because the obvious physical changes and processes your system creates below specific conditions are on a regular basis seen, in times of relaxation, dread or anything in between. In everyday life my own behavior is generally the result of Neurobiological behavior. In my opinion that our internal functions have almost complete control over each of our actions and decisions.

One of a Neurobiological action in behavior is seen when I was recently I was calmly regenerating on my foundation and suddenly I saw a centipede moving across my personal stomach; instinctively my body and mind responded by receive frightened; building a racing heart beat and my own nervous program went into it is flight behavioral instinct which triggered me to jump away from predator and end up with a bite on the side of my waist. One more example of Neurobiological behavior turns into evident in someone who generally abuses prescription drugs such as Ecstasy (MDMA), which can be known to cause changes to the brain’s biochemistry and biology, specifically the serotonin levels.

The exhaustion of serotonin level in the mind often viewed with common Ecstasy make use of often can be seen as a source of depression in certain people. Which is not to say that other factors do not contribute to depression but this is just one model. This just simply proves that it can be not only the outside world that impacts our manners.

I strongly believe that quite a few choices anytime are afflicted extensively by simply our biological composition. The next approach in psychology that we particularly agreed with was the sociocultural way. This approach by simply definition signifies that behavior is seen as strongly inspired by rules and anticipations of specific social groups or perhaps cultures.

I think that this concern is also incredibly dominant in affecting the way in which we act. Living in Hawaii, which happens to be a really culturally different state allows be to find out many different standards of living and behaviours all put together into one region. The school i attend is quite multi-cultural students are Tongan, Hawaiian, Japan, Caucasian, Filipino, Spanish and so on. With such a vast array of cultures every living in one area one can very easily notice the distinct views, criteria, languages, desired goals, and activities that are influenced by one’s ethnic and cultural backdrop.

Also dropping under the sociocultural approach is how people act and based mainly on the social behavior with their peers or maybe the society in which they live. It is especially common pertaining to adolescents to adhere to something that they ordinarily will not do mainly because it is “cool” and it appears “everyone is performing it. ” In my opinion, I believe that most drug use and also other inappropriate patterns stems from this kind of theory that people make decisions based on all their outside impact on.

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