Professional Ethics Essay


I believe Gail would not survey this event with her superiors or discipline her subordinates. She would not produce any make amends or do something because of the insufficient moral courage or strength she owns since it requires big valor to raise a voice to get the criminals.

She does not have this ethical courage as a result of integrity, vision and personal self-reliance which make up the courage in an individual. Gail needs to have an excellent moral valor in order to do the best thing. Whether or not she realized the issue faced by the prisoners who had been manhandled, your woman did not possess courage to complain about this treatment becoming given to the prisoners.

In other words, she was missing integrity in doing the right factor. Because of this fragile personal integrity on her portion, Gail didn’t feel brave enough to report relating to this event. Since vision comes from having seen the actions more and their effects, Gail’s perspective contributed to her weak ethical character with no courage.

The lady saw the fact that soldiers who had previously reported for the abuse had been disciplined themselves first or were not paid attention to by the superiors. Moreover, one of these had to leave his home town and live the rest of his existence with one more identity. This kind of led to contact form weak ethical character in her personality. Because of not any personal freedom she didn’t feel 3rd party enough to help make the report to the seniors.

Your woman had been taken from the CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) firm to serve in the USA army which doesn’t are most often her self-employed decision. Moreover, the consequences your woman had witnessed of those who reported ahead of didn’t offer her bravery to record about the situation.

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