Problems Facing United States Today Essay


It is now year 08, and after Rose bush administration’s damaging decisions to humanity, America is now facing tremendous problems at home and abroad. I consider moral regular as the situation which should be taken most significantly.

Why? As it has been in problem since the Rose bush administration declared war against Iraq and violated not only the human legal rights but likewise the legal rights of the region and the rules of war. Justice was not given. Even though there were a number of Americans that opposed these kinds of attacks, the consequences violence features resulted to confusion in moral standards of most Americans. Following is, the situation arising today in medical and social security aspects.

This can be a problem which should be dealt with immediately for the reason that the government is spending large amount of cash and that well being is considered a top priority pertaining to the benefits of the citizens. In addition there are issues regarding the inequalities inside the medicare system. The government should certainly protect the citizens through improving this type of services. The next problem My spouse and i consider to be taken with substantial importance are issues between Republicans as well as the Democrats which in turn constitutes the political techniques covering all other problems America is facing. There are far more important problems than the rivalries between the two parties.

With this, the politicians tend to focus on these kinds of issues and controversies, instead of solving the state’s challenges regarding the government’s inefficient companies. Following this is the failing value of dollars. As a result of this, the economy of US is within critical condition. If not really solved, this may affect their particular domestic and international deals. The prices of services and goods may also increase, that may result to cycles or the inability of the quality lifestyle of the Us citizens.

When this happens, it may cause the less competitiveness of their market to overseas trade. The sixth problem I considered is the lack of readiness and activities for all-natural disasters. The full planet is under weather change plus the people are not aware of what you need to be aware of.

The normal disasters now and stronger and are not detected and reported effectively. One example may be the typhoon that hit a state in US wherein numerous people passed away and the govt was unprepared, so the rescue operation plus the services had been of poor. Not only that, the spread details and educating the people about natural disasters is very minimal. Next is a poor control over government spending. Like the war in Iraq which price them huge amount of money, but they failed to give proper rights to both sides.

Also the funds they provide for space exploration in order to compete with additional countries which might be advancing in that field like Russia. An additional is the pay for for battle weapons which can be not rationally used, and gives high risk for the citizens secureness and overall health. The seventh trouble on my list is the human rights violation abroad through the battles launched during Bush’ government. The war violated a persons rights of virtually all the human population consisting Iraq. Its results are long term because it offers caused and American citizens residing in Middle East can be at risk for disorders as the effect of the warfare.

Up coming is the not enough help in rebuilding the environment which is I think is connected with the problem on deficiency of preparedness. This really is a problem for the reason that whole planet is encountering climate modify, and considering that US is known as a first community country and has a excessive contribution in the world’s polluting of the environment, I think they must launch applications and business lead other countries in fixing mother nature. The ninth on my list may be the problem inside family associations.

There is a rise in the number of lovers getting a divorce, though they may have institutions to assist these people, still this makes their particular moral standards low seeing that children of broken households are the victims. The last issue is the unlawful aliens in their territory which may cheat fees and devote crimes leading to another pair of problems for the nation. Sources The Real Difficulty Facing America. January 18, 2008 retrieved from http://gopublius.com/the- real-problem-facing-america/ Even more Information on the National Health-related Plan How It Can Be Done. January 18, 08 retrieved coming from http://www.blogs4me.com/johnnyangel/ Need for Your Family Record to Your Marriage.

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