Primary project prepare report dissertation

1 . 0Introduction


A. Job overview-

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Job scope: We all will contract yearly with university to create wiring network of Personal computers in lab for students with 60 Personal computers and maintenance it during 5 year. Justification: we wish to make the software between college students and staff and between students themselves more easily and usefully. Option requirement: for making this network I need 70 computer, cords and switches, server for the internet tables and chare. Plans: we must end this network in 18 days.

The problem: the data can be difficult to change between the staff and it is constantly redundant when it will be use and there is various resources (such printers, fax ¦.

. ) Environmental surroundings: the university with student and staff have good experience in PCs in addition to the network The Restrictions: can deal with us is a lab is so small to fit 60 PCs and the spending budget is very less than the cost.

W. Recommendation- planning process is to buying most thing to make the network and built this in the laboratory and finally should be to test this network and perhaps to protection it in the future, so I suggest to make a extremely professional network with 70 high speed computers and with huge hard drive and with speed access to the Internet.

2 . 0System Description

A. Alternatives- to solve the challenge I confront is to generate a wiring network, wifi network, or to share the data by e-mails or very easily with display memory N. System information: wiring network: is network build in lab to get university with cables and switches that receive info from any kind of computer and perhaps store it or transfer it to a different computer, or perhaps receive a request one of the recourses and then get it done.

3. 0Feasibility Assessment

A. Economic Analysis-


Year 1 through 5

1- Error reduction.

2- Increased acceleration of activity.

3- Improve the planning and providers

4- Cost lowering

5- Other6, five-hundred

15, 000

4, 500

30, 000


TOTAL concrete benefits56, 500

B. Technical Analysis-

C. Operational Analysis- This project is preserve time, make the data transactions faster than before and all features we said is useful to fix this problem. M. Legal and contractual Analysis-just the linked to departure internet sites is legal and not almost all persons can use this lap. E. Politics Analysis- there is certainly an agreements between us so each girl must be agree on the work of different girls and there is an contracts between us and the college or university so must the accountable person intended for the project happy from our work Farrenheit. Schedules, Fb timeline, Resource Analysis- The job finish punctually and don’t later and the network ready to use. 4. 0Management Issues

A. Team Construction and Management-We are a selection of 5 ladies one of us is a group leader and two is liable for communication with the supplier and also other for relating and building the network and one particular for application and all group do the maintenance if something wrong happen in the future B. Conversation Plan- we make conference approximately every single 2 times and communicate with email likewise and some of those go to college or university also just about every 2 times to show these people the work. C. Project Regular and Procedures- the organization examine us be based upon our function that must be what the university need, the time of finish the project


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