Being There


Power Relations in “Being There”

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Power is a central aspect in all interpersonal relationships. We want and desire power to realize ourselves: end up being the people we would like to be and influence the mediocre and their decisions. As almost all sources of power are essentially limited, each and every attempt we all make to buy power ultimately ends up causing a power have difficulty. For fast, the most obvious electrical power source, money, is limited. We do not create it “thus power- out of nothing and compete with others to get more out from the shared pool. Kosinski’s story, “Being There”, ultimately relates to the issue of electric power struggle between people and groups.

Equality is an optical illusion and can hardly ever be achieved. When there are two or more people or groups within a environment, that they start to contend with each other. Every individual or group -either willingly or unwillingly- takes part in this struggle and tries to be able to the top, to have more power than the others. Even within our most simple cultural relationships, we all struggle to not merely realize themselves but as well to impact the people around us and impose our personalities in them.

Many cases of power have difficulties can be found in “Being There. ” Especially in along with Chapter 5, in which national politics is released, we can see various examples of electric power struggle. After all, politics is the art of power have difficulty. In Section 5, Probability is asked to the United Nations fete, a conference attended by men of power by all around the earth. These men consider Chance very and do not know the empty looking glass he happens to be. Chance is seen as one of the most good businessmen in the us. As soon as they can, the Russian Ambassador Skrapinov gets closer to Chance. He wants to have this “prestigious businessman” on his part. He as well tries to impact him simply by imposing himself on Probability. He issues that Possibility knows Russian (He certainly does not) and is a fan of Krylov’s fables. (He doesn’t even learn how to read! ) This is like the power have difficulty we have within our daily lives, especially when amidst friends.

Knowledge is a sure way of acquiring power. A lot more we know, the more powerful our company is. When reviewed country-wise, you observe that governments “learn” using their intelligence companies. Chance is of extreme importance to governments, yet there is nothing known about the man. So , both the American and the Russian cleverness agencies contend with each other “Russians even sacrifice one of their agents in the process- to know more about Opportunity. They cannot seem to find anything about him. The Russians even provide him the codename “The Empty Sheet. ” (It is definitely kind of ironic as he happens to be a blank piece. ) Probability, without even understanding, actually benefits power because they are a blank sheet. His having no earlier to join his way in governmental policies is seen as a blessing and is also to help him greatly.

Towards the end of the novel, we see the most important instance of power have difficulty: The Presidential Elections. Chance is to be selected the president of the United States in the upcoming elections and be the victor of this power struggle. Naturally , this is not determined by the persons. “Men at the rear of the curtain”, men which have acquired electricity through money, make the decision. Because Chance is viewed as a powerful person with no past (The ideal candidate), these men think that he should be selected.

Advertising is the biggest tool that institutions and governments value to have electricity over the persons. Whether it be TV, newspapers or perhaps anything else, it can used as a means of affecting people’s viewpoints, thus managing their actions. As TV SET is right at the center of the whole novel, the effects on people may be easily observed. Chance’s ideas and his actions are completely regulated by the Television. What ever he truly does, he will it as he offers seen that on TV. No matter what he will not do, that’s because TELEVISION SET hasn’t proven him tips on how to do it. TELEVISION has ultimate power over Chance. Kosinski doesn’t claim that only Chance is manipulated (And stupefied) by the advertising. He shows the fact that the whole culture is constantly becoming influenced because of it.

All in all, Kosinski shows that power struggle is almost everywhere. It can be between two people (The Russian Ambassador’s imposing his personality on Chance), between groups (Intelligence agencies’ planning to know more than each other) or among groups and folks (Mass media). No matter upon what scale we take a look at social human relationships and the community around us, we will discover some kind of electricity struggle. All things considered, it is the objective of our lives: to realize ourselves and affect others. We all constantly make an effort to get to the best. “Being There” “even although it’s even more about the TV and its effects- is a good analysis and examination of the strength struggle inside the society.

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