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Excerpt coming from Term Paper:

There are was a lot more to the discord than a little battle

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above Sicily overflowing into the out Naval conflict. It just so happened

that a regional conflict involved two forces, but just like many other wars

throughout history, it just took a spark to ignite a far bigger battle

that was waiting to get instigated.

In the perspective of the ancient vem som st?r Polybius leaves out incredibly

little important information great level of information is steady

with that of ancient reputations. However , to modern historians it would be

helpful if other data was included. Some figures as the nature

of Rome’s growth and expansion maybe would assist to show how Rome was a

burgeoning electric power rising towards the level of the Carthaginians. There must have

recently been much more to the conflict than simply the armed service tactical moves

and succeeding domestic responses that were designed to the events in the war.

Polybius leaves away much of these details, or maybe he could be not aware from the

details or they are not essential to further his perspective great goal

on paper his history. He creates that he, “shall, yet , attempt to

narrate somewhat more carefully the first battle between The italian capital and Carthage for

the possession of Sicily, ” that means his account is just that at its core- a

lien of famous and military events (Polybius 35). Contemporary

historians delve much even farther beneath the surface to find another level to

the discord, one not rooted in simple trigger and results but as part of a

much bigger picture. Therefore any information about Rome’s expansionist

policies or eventually armed service growth, as well as domestic factors behind

Rome’s ascension to a globe power will be much liked. Similar

data from the Carthaginian side might help too, as two powers perform

not engage in a war simply because of a local conflict or perhaps because it is one

power’s future. There are other forces at the job which Polybius does not

understand or will not want to acknowledge as they probably would not further his goals

from the history.

In his histories, Polybius writes regarding the early days of the

Romans rise to power of the known world. He really does so in the perspective

in the victor which means that to him, Rome’s accomplishments will be

destined and great and to be commemorated. His perspective on background is a

reflection on this perspective. In particular, if perhaps looking at his

introduction to the first book and his subsequent retelling of the

military situations of the 1st Punic War that generated the defeat and surge of

Ancient rome, the perspective of Polybius on history is pretty superficial. This individual

sees items for what they are, but also he recognizes things by a Both roman

perspective. A contemporary historian may consider the conflict among two

capabilities in the same region inescapable, but Polybius recounts the facts as if

these are the only point that matters. When he is neutral, there could also

be ulterior motives pertaining to his not enough bias. Ultimately, his history is

accurate, but short of important particulars that could include contributed to

the conflict. A contemporary perspective might look at practical concerns of

international secureness, expansion, and political issues. Also, Ancient rome may

had been expanding financially and had to find new markets or areas

intended for production. There could have been a wide range of factors ultimately causing a

warfare between two powers in this zero-sum video game on Mediterranean power.

Polybius does not view it this way, however , as he is writing to Greeks

about Rome as well as for Rome’s expansion to be intended for greed related motives might

reflect bad on the fact that his people were conquered to get political or

economic purposes. Instead, this individual portrays the Roman development as inevitable

destiny meaning Rome contains a right in fact it is justified the

former power of Greece is currently under Roman influence.

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