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The type of atrocity that a religious ideal could cause, I think, started to be cemented permanently for me during the events of September eleven, 2001.


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All those men managed not only via a sense of devotion to their region, a hatred for the us, but also from a spiritual fervor that encouraged those to take their particular lives as well as the lives of thousands of other folks. This brought home to me that religion, in whatever form, could be not just a comfort, nevertheless also a significantly destructive force.

Even if I believe of my own, personal religion, Christianity, I i am forced to confess the reality of the situation; it includes not always recently been the soft, caring way of life that’s usually promoted today. In fact , even today, many Christian believers use their particular religious enthusiasm to injure and damage. If I imagine the past, the Crusades, the Inquisition, as well as the Salem Witch trials come immediately into your head when I think of just how religion can easily inspire pain rather than delight.

Even between themselves Christian believers in the past have got disagreed and so strongly that they can resorted to torture and murder. Pops into their heads the many “heretics” that were used up or otherwise maimed and killed for daring to speak what they believe. Today, churches always fight between each other while forgetting the central meaning that Christ tried to bring us. Surely take pleasure in and forgiveness should be in the middle of our globe if we aspire to survive in anything like the long-term. Instead, we complete laws which can be based on ancient belief devices that we hardly even figure out anymore.

Even though my parents increased me to appreciate the beauty of Christianity, the way the 9/11 perpetrators employed the good name of Islam to eliminate thousands brought home to me just how religion can be used to very ungodly ends. Inside my own your life, I feel that I want to be very careful how I connect to others. We all can’t all be the same or believe similar. But when considering religion, I find myself what we can do is to remember that we all have been here for a short while.

Each of us must work on his or her individual redemption; whatever form this may take. The 9/11 events and anything I skilled in the Navy showed myself the most detrimental that people can easily do to each other in the name of religious beliefs, in the name of ideology, and simply with the intention of power or politics. This creates a extremely negative idea around religious beliefs for me. I do feel, however , that I will have a much more practical view with the situation than had previously been the case.

Religion can be a beautiful, rewarding way of life. If it is, however , utilized to hurt, maim and kill for a cause that acts only a specific aspect or sector of humanity, there really is no more work with for it in today’s world. I feel that, rather than using faith to break down us, we have to recognize that this can be a manifestation of your humanity. As such, we can put it to use for unlimited good, while so many people, churches, and other establishments do. Only

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