Persepolis Essay


Persepolis was obviously a very insightful movie about the lives of Iranian people by a very important amount of time in the country’s history. Two topics that stuck out to me one of the most were the consequence of the war on the each day lives of the citizens of Iran and secondly the not-so-patriarchal lifestyle of people at the household level.

Once the innovation to bring over the Shah started, which was followed by the Iran-Iraq war, the lives of Iranians had been never a similar again. Ahead of these situations, Iran were what we can simply call ‘a modern society’. Women had been treated similarly, men and women openly socialized collectively without any limitations and westernization was obvious with the dress up styles of females, parties as well as the children succumb to pop tradition. All of this significantly changed after the elections as soon as the conflict began.

Under the new repressive government, religious extremists in power imposed several laws that eroded the freedom coming from all citizens of Iran. Everybody was advised how to dress where women were required to veil in public, celebrations and usage of alcoholic beverages became illegal, children had been taught at school that the fresh government was very good, young kids were influenced into signing up for the armed service and struggling in the battle. In addition to any or all these social impacts there were economic downturns as well. The stores are proven to have clear shelves, the country’s infrastructure destroyed, health-related deteriorated, the excessive restrictions on almost anything pushed intended for the need for black-markets and against the law operations.

Despite having all the constraints from the persons in electrical power and the policing of everyone, there were nonetheless a large number of people who were extremely modern, also men. One of these would be Marjane’s father informing her and Reza to be more attentive of meeting in public places. Another case would be when Marjane’s uncle Anoush is released from prison and visits them, everybody got dinner exact same table, both males and females. One of the subject areas that correspond with our course readings can be war and bereavement. The war that lasted so very long did not take place without expensing lives of millions of harmless people.

Throughout the war period, countless lives were dropped and most of the were men. Men struggled in battles and perished and the women were left to deal with the loss. When a missile lands in Marjane’s community, the fear of losing her family gets control her and she is nonetheless a little lady at the time.

The same incident cost the lives of her friends in the neighborhood. Of all of the characters inside the movie, to my opinion, Marjane’s grandma was the the majority of compelling figure. She was obviously a wise old woman who was inspirational, understanding and very reasonable. She was obviously a symbol of independence and a great role model for Marjane. Most importantly, she utilized what your woman preached.

Your woman placed an excellent emphasis on safeguarding the harmless as this was an issue near her as her husband and family members had been patients. When Marjane tells her that to save herself in the police, your woman lied and got an harmless man struggling, Grandmother responds in a way that I didn’t expect. She believed in being faithful to your own self and certainly did not tolerate any kind of unfaithfulness, possibly from her beloved Marjane.

The character that had the most impact on Marjane would have to end up being her uncle Anoush. This individual came into Marjane’s life the moment she would still be very young and definitely manufactured an enormous impression on her. As if his your life story wasn’t enough, uncle Anoush’s loss of life left a level bigger influence on Marjane’s your life. She wouldn’t tolerate people talking about war and fatality lightly after his loss of life.

Several times in her lifestyle when the lady was feeling confused, the text of her uncle Anoush helped her get through.

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