people you meet in heaven thesis


Forgiveness, Amusement Park, Afterlife, Symbolism

Excerpt from Thesis:

But now, here, in order to move on, you must understand why you felt whatever you did, and why you no longer need to think it” Dark red served while the words of Albom, and even God, acting as Eddie’s tips for the path toward enlightenment, forgiveness (and self-forgiveness), and finally, happiness.

Without a doubt, this crucial moment in Eddie’s lifestyle culminated with all the characters of Marguerite and Tala, emblems of love and forgiveness, correspondingly. With Marguerite, he began crying and moping again, publishing repressed emotions he under no circumstances thought this individual still got with him until he died. It was through Marguerite that Albom explicated true and long-term love, which permeates through life and death.

Eddie’s ultimate emotional release was through Tala, the small girl to whom he under no circumstances forgave himself for not to be able to save her from a fire while he was stationed as being a soldier inside the Philippines. It absolutely was with Tala that Eddie made tranquility with him self, removing every one of the blames he put on him self to not feel the guilt he had been feeling all his life. Destrucción was his ‘redeemer’: it was through her that this individual forgave himself, and it absolutely was through her help that he learned that he, without a doubt, saved the small girl at the Ruby Pier. As he laundered away Tala’s scars, Eddie also laundered away almost all his heartaches in life, finally forgiving himself for all the accountable feelings he kept for a long period: “Eddie sobbed a final, empty sob, as if his upper body were clear. He had surrendered all barriers”

Indeed, each individual is a image that built Eddie understand the “inscrutable. ” From your Blue Person to the Chief, and eventually to Ruby, Marguerite, and Samtala, truths about his your life were exposed, leading him to the route towards forgiveness. Albom’s character’s allowed Eddie to know truths about his life from the surface, and eventually, deeper in to his mental core. While using Blue Guy, Eddie found that the surface can be not always what seems, that an accident he taught this individual caused was actually not his fault. Throughout the Captain, Eddie learned to forgive other folks, and through Ruby, this individual again learned to gradually let go of the negative thoughts that endured him through his earthly life. Marguerite restored his love, not merely for his wife, but for life, most importantly; and through Tala, this individual learned to forgive him self. These phases were skillfully crafted by Albom to get ready Eddie in his enlightenment and passage throughout the afterlife.


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