One Common Language Essay


Relating to an 11th century Arab writer, Ibn-e-Hazm, in the beginning presently there existed an individual language provided by God, because of which Mandsperson was able to understand the quiddity of things. In the chequered history of mankind, the fragmentation of the unique tongue that been with us abinitio offered rise into a multitude of different languages. A great integration of all these, or a reversion to a single dialect would have several repercussions.

The essential benefits of a single world dialect are sensible. A common terminology would melt all communication barriers and increase shared understanding among people as well as the world over. This kind of environment would be conducive to world tranquility and the end of clashes. Economic abundance would be caused as business partners are able to communicate freely, leading to a growth of international trade. Xenophobia and other related human anxieties would be eliminated as individuals are united beneath one dialect.

This would challenge at least some racism or ethno-centrism as communities become more egalitarian in their perspective on overseas individuals. Within the cultural entrance, a unique tongue would make unnecessary the need to translate works of literature in order to subtitle/dub movies. The dissemination of knowledge and information could possibly be done freely and in all parts of the earth, as the world’s comprehension of different ethnicities rises.

However , there are some downsides of a single world terminology. The convenience of any single terminology with its ensuing blandness would not make for an entire life. Dialect is more than just a communication of needs, this can be a reflection from the social, historic and social milieu of society and it is therefore a sacred establishment. By reducing the settings of individual expression to a single terminology we would end up being stultifying, repressing and suffocating man’s wish to be creative.

The limits of my vocabulary are the limits of my world’, since someone once aptly observed. Also, in a manner exactly like the situation depicted in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four’, a single language is a dangerous scenario as it may put disproportionate electrical power into the couple of hands manipulating the medium. Even though the implementation of your single terminology is a great achievable goal, the situation is likely to be transient and not possible to maintain in the long run. Cultural dissimilarities between societies transcend terminology. This is confirmed by the specific cultures with the countries speaking the same vocabulary.

Hence, although the same vocabulary, English, because spoken canada for instance, is usually dissimilar to this spoken in the uk, the United States of Australia. As well, the tradition of a region may be consists of several sub-cultures each using its own dialect. The home from the Queen’s British the UK is definitely where English language, Gaelic, Welsh, Punjabi, French and Urdu, all coexist. Another hurdle in obtaining this goal of prevalent language is political pride, which could create conflict between nations, when the choice of a dominant terminology is being built. In the mild of the previously mentioned discussion, I recommend that whenever we are to succeed economically, socially, culturally and politically, then your world need to embrace plurilinguism.

The future is known as a multi-lingual one.

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