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Microsoft company Office Training Program RFP

Introduction to the company

The corporation represents a private practice that keeps a few basic practitioners in staff during the day as well as a team of educated nurses and administrative professional to support the related actions. The total personnel represents a team of roughly two dozen people and the management team is usually roughly half of the number of the total employees.

Your company’s business goals

Since the organization is definitely not quite large enough to make a main purchase of a software specialty health care package just like found in bigger operations and hospitals, yet still large enough to use some kind of collaboration software to hold records direct among the team members Microsoft (MS) Office was chosen to fill up this need. MS Business office has grown a lot more advanced over time and now offers a suite of products that can be highly customized to serve many business functions.

Introduction to the project

The goals from the project consist of each member in the office receiving the appropriate abilities in MS Office that could enable them to use this device to help keep any office organized along with offer numerous methods of effort. For example , the IM application on the Business office SharePoint Workspace could offer a way for administrative employees to ask each other inquiries without having to walk across the office or interrupt any of the additional employees. Other tools just like Outlook offer also a wide variety of various methods to communicate and share files.

Project goals

The goals with the project are for everyone to learn the basics of the needed application such as Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint Work area (Microsoft, 2011). Other capabilities should only learned by people who actually will be using the skill sets for that specific part of MS Office. For instance , if only one particular employee is definitely using Publisher to design ezines then it does not make very much sense for everyone to learn how to use that computer software. Another example would be Access to be used to create a database of client information or even more advanced tools to take care of electronic medical records (Microsoft, 2011). Though everyone at the office would most likely need to be acquainted with data admittance in that system, there will only need two be a few people who had the skills to design data query templates. Therefore , the general goal from the project is that everyone will get the basic expertise in the programs that the office decides to utilize and also that the specialized abilities for the more certain functions must also earned by the designated parties.

Time allocated to complete the project

The entire project needs to be completed inside three months. This consists of software assembly, consultations, end user training, and system set-up.

Budget for the

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