Native Americans in the United States and Hardy Individualism Essay


Prompt: Even though the development of the Trans-Mississippi West is commonly associated with robust individualism, it absolutely was in fact generally dependent on the federal government. Assess the quality of this declaration with certain reference to western economic actions in the nineteenth century.

Back in the 1800s and early 1900s, the idea of the far western captivated many. The chance to commence life anew attracted a large number of individuals and families likewise to move out west and get away their current life, that was usually filled with poverty and then for some, filled with discrimination. Since the western expanded and grew in to an important part of the United States, americans found that somewhat hard to survive with important solutions going scarce. Although the advancement the Trans-Mississippi west is principally associated with sturdy individualism, the west? s i9000 development all together was largely the result of the help of the federal government by constructing railroads, promoting and protecting the land, and removing the Indian tribes.

Railroads had been an integral part of the west; without them the Western world would not succeed. The distance with the west in the rest of the country was large and the simply way to achieve the western world was through a long, tedious journey by wagon. The Pacific Train Act of 1862 opened the way for the expansion with the railroads.

The Act gave companies land to build railroads. The faster the company constructed the train, the more quickly they might get more property, which they generally sold for earnings later on. The construction of the railroad benefitted various who were certainly not living in the west, particularly Chinese immigrants.

With 1000s of workers, railroad companies were required to ensure their particular safety to stop being sued and frowned on by the open public. To prevent that, railroad firms provided many necessities because of their workers just like shelter.

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