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Social Media and Technology

Today, a growing number of the world’s populace subscribe to various social media networks just like Facebook, Facebook, YouTube, Facebook or myspace and others. Additionally, just as the overwhelming most enterprises jumped on the Internet bandwagon throughout the late nineties and early on 2000s, companies of all sizes and types are taking benefit of these networking communities as well in promoting their businesses and interact directly with their customers. This kind of study pitch provides a group of researchable questions and an assessment the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature relating to these trends. A description of participant variety procedures for the proposed study is definitely followed by an identification of information collection strategies, potential moral problems and limitations in the research proposal. Finally, an index of the research and important studies concerning the recommended study as well as its guiding analysis questions will be presented inside the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Research queries

The significance of the proliferation of networking communities in recent years prolong to buyers as well as businesses, so the proposed study will be guided by the following research questions:

1 ) How have social media networks altered the competitive environment for your business?

2 . How do companies benefit from social media networks?

3. What are finest industry methods for applying social media networks for business promotion?

4. What is the future for networking communities?

Review of the relevant literature

Technically, social media networks have been around for quite a while with electronic communications just like radio and telegraphs becoming utilized for essentially the same purpose since the late 1800s, but the modern day versions that use the World Wide Web first emerged during the late 1990s (including BlackPlanet, Six Certifications, Asian Method, and MoveOn) and these types of have progressed into a volume of sophisticated variations (such because Facebook and YouTube) that offer companies and consumers using a number of benefits that were not realizable with strictly electric communications (Edosomwan, Prakasan, Kouame, Watson Seymour, 2011). Even though every organization is unique, additional can benefit from networking communities for this applications:

Promoting open interaction between employees and managing;

Enabling employees to share project ideas and work in clubs effectively, which in turn helps in sharing knowledge and encounters;

Promoting better content, such as webcast and videos, than simple textual content;

Facilitating collaborative communications among current and potential customers, in receiving reviews, product definition, product development, or any type of forms of customer care and support;

Encouraging people, or portion of the company’s personnel, to become associates of a well-recognized community;

Providing a venue for discussions and becomes a classic goal of marketing and marketing and sales communications (Edosomwan ainsi que al., 2011).

A summary of a series of recent peer-reviewed journal articles or blog posts and dissertations concerning networking communities is offered in Desk 1 beneath.

Table one particular

Summary of peaked studies


Methodology/Methods Applied

Key Results

Kunz Hackworth


This study examined social media marketing employ by 18 major merchants on five social media networks during fall of 2009. Experts collected weekly data for the period Sept through the first week of First month of the year 2010 to identify the respective degrees of participation by retailers to each of the networking communities.

Authors identified significant changes across stores, and through the different networking communities. Authors also found that it is essential to coordinate cross-channel promotions and network requires different metric and inductive tools.

Wattanasupachoke, T.


Systematic literary works review

Social networking network members include a strong emotional attachment to one another. These programs

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