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Advantage, as employed here, is actually a manifestation of ethical excellence within a person or maybe a group of people. This can be a set of desirable qualities viewed by a person or people. Sadly, my personal dear region Nigeria is losing it is previously very desirable benefits. Across the all over of this Region, its residents are shedding their once renowned benefits and this comes with its serious consequences. Certainly, as a result, wonderful talents will be being dropped, dreams will be being broken, and a once appealing future right now looks unsatisfactory because vices, as opposed to virtues, are now typical.

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Take for instance Violence. Once upon a time in my special country, lifestyle of anyone was deemed sacrosanct. A murderer was scorned and treated with disdain commencing from his family. The sanctity of human your life was not arguable. Fast ahead 21st century and you may get the actual opposite. Human being lives are being snuffed out in the most nasty manner. For homes, farms, mosques, church buildings, citizens happen to be being taken, slaughtered and burnt in cold blood vessels. Unfortunately, if the larger society gets a wind of such tragic reports, rather than condemning it in its entirety, they have a tendency to allow ethnicity and faith of the victims influence their reaction. Instead of acting decisively, we try to first assess the number of deaths to those knowledgeable during previous administrations. Exactly what a shame. Virtue truly dropped. We forgot that we had been first of all humans before religion separated us, ethnicity divided us and politics classified us. We have to learn from a parable narrated by one of the respected people ever to walk the earth- Jesus Christ. The parable of the neighborly Samaritan in Luke twelve: 25-37 trained the need for all of us to go out of the way to demonstrate love to other folks, even individuals who may be very totally different from us. Consequently , whether it is living of a Fulani, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Tiv, Ijaw, Nupe or any additional ethnic group for that matter, we have to view it because precious, as sacred. Therefore, may all of us never definitely or tacitly approve of the murder of any man. By therefore doing, we all will protect the lives of the future Ahmed Musas, Chimamanda Adichies and Olamides Yes! Our childrens future.

Another illustration is Personal decadence. We read that once upon a time, an incredible number of Nigerians, devoid of ethnicity and religion, trooped out en-mass to enormously vote for a Muslim-Muslim ticketed. That may seem like millions of mild years ago, because of it will be pure wishful thinking to conceive such possibility inside my Nigeria of today. My Nigeria of today where meritocracy is sacrificed around the altar of mediocrity. My Nigeria of today where the problem of origin is elevated above capability. My Nigeria of today where question of what 1 belief, will take precedence more than what they can offer. And the more recent and most sickening, my own Nigeria of today where have your vote is bought and sold for since meagre as 2000 Naira. We have become that cheap. The future of our children has become that cheap. How can we condescend so low as to mortgage the future of our children for this kind of a pitiful amount? The come for us to take pleasure in our dignity and sincerity.

Its about time for a lot of hands being on deck. If we still hope to include a country wherever our children can grow up to be commanders tomorrow, whenever we still aspire to have a country that will effectively and favorably compete with its western alternative, then it is now time to grab it by the scruff of the neck and relief it from your cliff of oblivion. Popular Violence, politics decadence, suicide, drug abuse, afeitado, corruption by government representatives and in our citadels of learning, in which marks today freely exchange for sexual intercourse and other criticizing forms of gratifications just to refer to a few are currently the immediate risk to our living not exterior aggressors neither natural unfortunate occurances.

To the end, is the first level of socialization, must start off inculcating ideals and benefits into it associates. Our spiritual institutions need to admonish the adherents the best tenets from the society. Teachers at both the basic level as well as at out bigger institutions has to be exemplary. The federal government, via their various organizations such as the NOA, NAFDAC, EFCC and the reliability agencies must effectively reprove and reprimand law breakers.

Inside the words of Prof. Lumumba: Our nation must morally re-arm. We all cannot operate a country where virtue is definitely vice and vice is definitely virtue. Yes! We may have lost our virtues but the great news is that we can reclaim it in return. Therefore , for the preservation of skillsets, restoration of dreams and a promising foreseeable future, we have to claim back our dropped virtues. It can be worth every one of the efforts.

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