Lives of the Saints Essay


Vittorio was sitting on his porch reading mathematics books when he dose away. He was awakened by a muffled shout from the stable. Vittorio ran towards the stable and stopped brief at the bottom of the steps and peeked throughout the crack in the door.

Inside he saw a green snake which tucked through the splits of the secure and in to the tomato yard. While Vittorio was seeing the leather, the hvalp door exposed, and a male with blue eyes swooped out of the steady. After Vittorio went inside the stable, this individual saw his mother flowing water in the pigs’ trough as though nothing has occurred. Vittorio tells his mom that he heard a guy screm so when she asked him what he noticed, Vittorio replied that this individual didnt see anything.

He then told her that she has blood on her rearfoot. In the bottom line of the chapter, Christina tells Vittorio to perform up to Pada Lucci’s and tell him to bring a car since she had been bitten by a snake.

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