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Location Exam Assessment

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1) Unit 1- Introduction to Geography

a) What is Geography?

2. Geography may be the study from the Earth’s physical and human systems/features plus the relationships one of them. * Physical Features: estuaries and rivers, mountains, etc .

2. Human Features: buildings, cities, etc .

b) The Five Themes of Geography

* Position (Absolute and Relative)

* Overall and family member locations are 2 techniques for describing the positions in the Earth’s physical and ethnic features. * Ex: Mogadishu, Somalia, is in 2 deg north lat., 45 deg east long,.

* Place (Physical and Human Characteristics)

* All places on Earth possess special features that identify them from the other places.

2. Ex: Pond Baikal is usually 25 million years old, multiple mile large, and contains a fifth of the Earth’s fresh water.

* Human-Environment Relationships (Relationships Within Places) 5. People connect to their environment and change them in different techniques. * Ex: 90% of America’s waste is left in landfill sites, the lowest priced option to garbage disposal.

* Movement (Mobility of men and women, Goods, and Ideas)

* How things move from one place to another (information, objects, people) * Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: AIDS can be believed to have started in equatorial Africa.

It has been sent to other parts of the world by way of tourists, foreign nationals, and military personnel.

5. Regions (How They Type and Change)

2. Regions happen to be areas within the surface of the Earth which have been defined by simply certain unifying characteristics. 5. Ex: Mexico and Philippines are subdivided

in states; Canada and England call their very own subdivisions provinces.

c) Umschlüsselung

5. What is a Map?

2. A map is a portrayal of the Globe’s features drawn on a flat work surface.

* Types of Maps

* General Purpose Map

* Provides most information on one particular map.

* Ex lover: Water, streets, railways, lines, parks.

5. Thematic Roadmaps

5. Shows particular information about one specific topic.

* Ex: Canada’s foule, Canada’s wonderland.

* Topographic Maps

* Shows a variety of highlights of land.

* Ex lover: Mountains, streams, landforms.

5. Large Scale Maps

5. Shows a large number of detail of your small region.

5. Ex: Towns, towns, residential communities.

5. Small Scale Roadmaps

* Shows a bit of detail of a giant area.

* Ex lover: Countries, prude.

* Map Requirements (BOLTSS)

* B= Edge

* To keep map within restrictions

* O= Orientation

* Displays direction

5. L= Legend

5. So people know what colours/symbols mean

5. T= Subject

2. What your map shows

5. S= Size

5. Shows length on a map compared to true to life distances

2. S= Resource

5. To show exactly where info is from


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