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During the same time period, after learning about the evidence that Hatcher had in his possession “Sheriff Stone and State Bureau of Exploration Agents attained and made a decision they would “have Eddie Hatcher before the week was out. ” (Federal Trial Records Witness Testimony)


These two cases will be, at first glance, pretty many from one one other however; after a closer appearance the similarities are shockingly obvious. In each instance, both regarding Peltier and Hatcher, the American rights system is unsucssesful to protect the rights of each individual and this failure is located upon the individual’s minority status. Clearly this is a travesty of justice that you would think would have recently been resolved in the U. T. system of rights however , unfortunately for the Native Americans that reside in america this type of injustice is a factor in the day to day life of the individual that is a minority. Each of these guys, both Peltier and Hatcher are actually heroes who made their are a symbol of the community individuals, such as those in Ruby Ridge experiencing violent assault and the minorities pertaining to whom Hatcher hoped to support in determining and collecting information as to the actual wrongdoers in the crack trafficking organization in Robeson County. In each of these circumstances the ‘system’ stepped straight upon the minority person[s] in a reckless disregard intended for basic individual rights, rights and the incredibly principles the fact that United States is definitely founded upon.

SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION selected aura atmosphere the United States proper rights system, and that cloud consists of something that can be inherently loathsome as the ‘system’ is manipulated by simply those in power rendering verdicts that forever replace the lives of individuals such as Hatcher and Peltier wreaking a great injustice upon individuals, people and minorities throughout the Us. In intellectual analysis from the method the fact that land states was properly secured as the “land of the free [and]… home of the fearless… ” It ought to be said that it truly is doubtful that real proper rights and just principles can be in fact founded after the methodological genocide from the Native American people that occurred in the institution of this system of ‘justice’.

The basic human rights of hispanics in the United States happen to be violated each and every day both through acts of commission and acts of omission and to help make it matters a whole lot worse the present administration has cut funding therefore greatly pertaining to Legal Services that many areas are totally without even satellite offices having lost the rest of the skeletal staff that was left following the budget cuts in the 1990’s. Rights, freedom, equality… all of these words and phrases can be said to be relative to ones’ ethnicity or race at the moment in the United States and however regretfully, this has been true and it is certain that Local American background has many stories to support this statement.


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Leonard Peltier and Eddie Hatcher

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