Kant s categorical essential suicide dissertation

There are over thirty-thousand suicides a year in the United States alone. Whether suicide is usually acceptable is a moral issue. Immanuel Kant’s categorical essential can be put on this ethical issue. Margen strongly disagreed with committing suicide, because it had not been a morally responsible decision; I will provide a summary with the Categorical crucial, and make use of this information to develop an argument that Kant or maybe a Kantian might use to claim against committing suicide. Kant’s Categorical imperative contended that an action or secret is meaning if it is universally good.


If everybody sees an action as good and may perform the action than it is meaning. The specific imperative relates to all logical beings no matter one’s personal motives and desires. Margen believed that people those actions that if you would want a task performed upon you than it are meaningful. “Act only on that maxim with which you can as well will that this should turn into a universal legislation (309).

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 Depending on the particular imperative, Committing suicide is immoral because it is the purpose to buy happiness.

Whenever we all determined suicide even as we pleased, after that we would seize to are present, which is underhanded. Because committing suicide prevents us being happy, it is not morally permissible below Kant’s specific imperative. Individuals should be thought of as a means rather than an ends. If we committed suicide than we are not reaching our probability of be content, which is unmoral. To Margen suicide was “in simply no circumstance allowable.  Kant believed that any guy, who would endure a suicide attempt, experienced now discarded his humanity and was lower than a beast.

Committing suicide degrades the humanity, since it takes away each of our basic purpose. One could believe Kant prejudiced to a spiritual view of suicide becoming immoral. Margen believes our lives are part of God and are also not mine to end. It is additionally questionable to categorize our lives as a point, and debase his humankind over a decision that they have manufactured. Suicide can be immoral since it does not take happiness, and it is not globally acceptable. Since we can no longer make ethical decisions Kant argues that suicide is definitely not morally acceptable.

Kant states that “It may not be moral to root the actual existence of morality in the world.  Suicide prevents you from performing anymore acts of morality. According to the Specific imperative, whenever we can perform a great deed we ought to, regardless of whether there may be anything to end up being gained. We could bound with a set of general laws that all should stick to unconditionally. We should not make suicide since; we have a duty to perform very good deeds in the world. Our purpose as individuals is to perform good activities in the world, nevertheless we are not able to do this if we are dead.

Committing suicide prevents us from executing actions and it is an illogical decision to create, which violates the Specific Imperative. In the event that one wants to commit committing suicide they should think of all of the activities that they would no longer be capable to perform in death. One should strive to perform moral actions in life and also to continue living as long as possible. We could each one of a kind, and have activities that only we can complete. Works Cited Cahn, Steven Meters., and Peter J. Markie. Ethics: Record, Theory, and Contemporary Concerns. New York: Oxford UP, 98. Print.


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