Judaism and Christianity are a pair of the most ancient forms of faith based expression which have been currently available. But nevertheless both exhibit belief in the same God, there are other ways that they exhibit their faithfulness and interpreting God within their religious methods. But we first must see and define both before all of us delve into distinguishing them. The central idea of practicising Christians is the fact that Christ is the Boy of Goodness, that Jesus is an important part of the Ay Trinity, plus the promised Messiah, or deliverer (Conversion to Judaism).

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But Judaism, or the practices and beliefs in religion while practiced by Jews (Charles Henderson, 2003), insists for the unitarian watch of The almighty (Judaism). The reality is that the Jews believe that there is only one God, indivisible, getting only one in contrast to Christianity’s of 1 God in three Individuals, the Father, the Son, plus the Holy Nature (Judaism). Towards the Jews, no matter what the accomplishments of Christ, He is only a person, not the Son of God (Judaism).

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Judaism is a term that was termed by the Hellenized Jews from the Second Serenidad Era to put definitives on the practice (Henderson, 2003). The Jews trace their lineage to the patriarch Abram, known as out of his Mesopotamian homeland to jouney to Canaan and start the nation of Israel (Judaism). But there exists a development that bridges right after of the Judaistic and Christian divide, the messianic Jews, or Jewish Christians (Philosophy, Theology and Religion).

These types of Jews maintain the practice of the customs and traditions of Judaism while acknowledging the deity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God (PHILTaR). They claim acceptance of the one God doctrine of Christianity, the Holy Trinity, and abide by the Old Testament, or Tanach, and the New Testament, or perhaps Brit Hadshah, as the entire Word of God (PHILTaR). As such, that they reject the authoroty of the teaching with the Rabbis, or Rabbinic literary works (PHILTaR).

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