jollibee burgers composition


Tools & Utensils


Patty turner, griddle scraper, patty searer, long dish, flat (Hamburger) tong Buttocks:

Bun tray, bun spatula

Sliced Parmesan cheese:

Special container 417, 1/6×4 s/s pan w/ cover, 8×11. your five pan


1/9×4 pan w/ cover, ice cream scooper 22 (champ) #28 (TLC)

Mushroom slices:

1/9×4 baking pan w/ cover, vegetable new tong/tanga

Cream cheese:

1/6×4 s/s pan, goodies scooper #24

Lettuce & tomato:

1/6×4 oan w/ cover, 1/6×6 pan(ice), drain tray, CW 60B (1/6 slice), veggie tong Bkup: 1/2×4 very clear w/ cover, ½ drain tray, vanadium knife, chopping board Recta file, bastard ½”, recta file holder, stockpot twenty cm (sanitizing) Catsup:

Catsup dispenser reddish colored, pitcher plastic-type material w/ cover

Other folks:

Measuring pitcher (sanitizing), wire whisk, aluminum dish, jollibee reddish colored tray, hot pan two ½ by ½ 100ppm container, metal burger steering wheel SBD:

1/6×4 skillet, plastic f5 container (parts traex), plastic s2 box (open load up sbd), plastic f3 container (sbd leftover), 1/6×4 pan (ice), spatula 1905 (L), 1901 (M), 1903 (S)

TRAEX Sauce Dispenser Assembly

1 . Trigger upon 2nd opening. Put induce pin to keep

installment payments on your #3 octagonal (for portion) + octagonal pin (1st hole)

3. Diffuser + to ring(prevent underportioning) + cylinder (insert tooth unto real estate channel) some.

+ early spring + pistol valve (top) assembly (flat spring moves under) + diffuser bar

Griddle (wolfe/ pistol)


Upper parts:

Griddle plate (platen)

Frosty zones: one particular inch top & sides, 2 inch es by below, between arrowhead markings. Bull nose

Keen part near platen


Griddle tray keep

Grease put (side throw)


Pilot light – indication if away its ready

Toggle switch

Thermostat button setting


1 . Wide open gas range

installment payments on your Turn Toggle on

3. Set temp to 375°F

4. Pre heating time 30 minutes

5. Temperature: 375+-10°F

Bun Best toaster oven

Gather (Vertical Toaster)


-2 buns at the same time.

-Pre heating 31 mins.

-Setting thermal # almost 8

-Heel #2, Top # 5 (thicker)

-Temperature: 500+-10°F

-Toasting time: 20 sec



-10 buttocks (regular), a few buns (champ) at a time

-Green lumination (power), orange (pilot light), red (time light) -Bun compression setting # 5 (u find #4, when ever drop u see 5)

-Setting Temperature: 430°F

-Temperature: 430+-10°F

-Toasting period: 30 sec

Carter Hoffman HH56


Holding cupboard – water level sensor (top part) 2L dented collection Front screen panel – leftmost display menu method (regular, breakfast) middle amount is temp, set temp: 160°F; rightmost is activity (preheating or perhaps relative humidity). RH = 90 %/ CAL sama dengan calibration Inside:

Drip pipe (right)

Air �bung (sense RH & Heat inside)

Drip Conduit slide

Raw Materials:

Frosty Patty

-DP + 2 mos

-204pcs / case (RY), 60pcs / circumstance (CHAMP)

-Walk in – six cases substantial; Reach in – two cases high

-Prod code: MM-DD-Y-BBB (blue print), Consume right up until: MM-DD-YY-BBB (red/ fuchsia red print) MM-DD-YY (blue print) Rejection Items:

-heavily dented/ destroyed cases or perhaps boxes

-patties not stonehard

-significant amount of snow crystals

-beyond shelf life

-code unclear

-25% contents are deformed

GS Attributes:


-brown to dark in color

-properly seared

-whole/ no breakage

-without raw beef appearance. Not really burnt


-tender and juicy

-thoroughly prepared


-right level of saltiness

-slightly spicy as well as onion flavour

-fully cook, zero raw flavor, not burned up

-right blend of seasoning


-Primary: DP + three or more days (Pasig/ Cebu), DP + 2 days (Local)

-10 pcs/pk (RY), 8 pcs/pk (Champ), 5 pks/tray (RY)

-13 trays high (incl. bare trays)

-Consume till: MM-DD-BB (ry & Champ)

Being rejected pts:

-Sanitation disorders

-Unpleasant aroma/ off flavor

-Large/ deep air openings in the breadcrumbs

-Uneven slice

-Substandard consistency

-Raw starch about heel

-Damage, damp, unsealed

GS Qualities:


-uniform golden dark brown color

-well condition, not crumpled appearance

-evenly caramelized

-absence of big montage

-fine air gaps

-no sanitation flaws

-sesame seeds distributed on top (Champ)


-soft & spongy

-not dry out or soggy


-slightly sweet

-not heavy, yeasty

-without fermented odor/ taste

SBD (Special Burger Dressing)

-Primary: DP & 6 months (RT)

-Sec: DO & 2 times (chiller)

-3K/pk, six pk/case

-4 cases high


Being rejected pts:

-Torn/ damage packaging

-Production or expiration date ranges not plainly printed.

-Too strong flavor (sweetness, sourness, saltiness)

-Off flavor, rancidity, spoilage

GS Characteristics:

Overall look:

-light pink w/ pinkish lemon specks

-pickle relish & red bell self defense pcs uniformly distributed throughout Texture.

-smooth, solid and pass on able

-no mounds


-creamy, sweet with very minor tangy notes

-with distinct mustard spicing

Sliced up Cheese

-P: DSliced + 3-4 months (CH)

-140 slices/ bar

-Reach in: 3 bins


Rejection pts:

-mold growth

-excessively deformed

-expiration date certainly not clearly published

-beyond shelf life

GS Attributes:


-light yellow

-edges slightly drooping above patty

-no breakage

-slightly melted


-smooth & soft

-not gritty, gumby

-moist not hard


-creamy, mild dairy flavor

Mayonnaise (Miracle Whip)

-P: DP + 8 mos (RT)

-S: PERFORM + thirty days (CH)

-3. 5L/ Gal, 4Gal/case

-4 cases excessive


Rejection pts:

-torn or harm portions

-presence of SD’s or perhaps foreign components

GS Attributes:


-white to creamy white-colored in color

-light amount of portion

-no sd

-no oil separation


-smooth, slightly thick


-typical mayo flavour, mild white vinegar odor, not really rancid or perhaps fermented preference.

Cream Cheese

-P: DP + 3 mos

-S: DO & 7 days

-1K/ tub

GS Attributes:


-uniform light yellow color


-slightly viscous in chilled temp

-readily spreadable at ambient temperatures (RT)


-creamy slight flavor w/ no off flavor or unpleasant preference & low saltiness.

Mushroom Slices

-P: DP + 2yrs

-S: DO & 3 days and nights

-24 cans/ case

-4 cases large


Rejection pts:

-heavily dented/ destroyed packaging

-production code not clear


-P: DP + 5mos (Griffith: jar)

-P: DP + 18 mos (Del Monte: can)

-S: DO + 1wk (CH)

-6 jars/ circumstance; 6 cans/ case

-5 circumstances high

-Prod: DD – MILLIMETER – YYYY – BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (Griffith); De Monte – Julian Diary Daily GS Attributes:


-Red to red lemon color

-Right sum of part

-No sd


-smooth, reasonably thick


-typical tomato flavor, somewhat sweet, no fermented style, pleasant bend over of spices or herbs

Lettuce/ Tomato

-P: DD & 3days (CH)

-1K/ pk, one particular layer per shelf


Rejection pts:

-rotten part


-presence of sd

-25% tomato within a pack is definitely unripe


Fresh vegetables:

1 . Check guide

installment payments on your Prepare vegetable solution: you part aps: 1 component water

3. Saturate for 2 mins ensure vegetable are fully submerged

5. Rinse 2 times

a few. Cut tomato vegetables. 4 centimeter

six. Monitor holding time HT: 12hrs @ chiller; 3hrs @ train station

Preparing food Patties

1 . Based upon production guide, get necessary number of patties inside fridge. 2 . Place Patties. Pilot Off away from cold areas and specific zones. RY (Front to Rear) 10 max/ lane; Champ (Rear to End) almost eight max/ street. >To give space to RY patties. three or more. Activate timer 4 mins 30 secs/ 9 a few minutes champ.

5. Sear after 30 seconds. >to transfer heat menu patty provide standard color & interior temperature. a few. Turn patties front to rear applying turner. RY 2’30”, Champ 4’30” 6th. After turning all patties, press patties start from the first patty turned to drain juice. >intended for bloated patties press 40 secs – 1 minutes before tugging. If certainly not press, it will eventually result to undercook and lowered internal temp. 7. Timer sounds off. Pull one by one. Slightly tilt to drain excess juice. 8. twenty ry/tray, 12 champ/ dish.

9. Scraping carbon deposit after every group. To prevent undercooking the next batch. Critical pts:

-No thaws patties it will result to overcook and dry patties. -Pressing the patties before pulling will certainly result to dried patties. -Long trays must be preheated 12 mins prior to putting patties to maintain prepare temperature. -Clean all equipment and items to prevent toxins.

Critical Deviations in Patties:

-Raw beef presence

-Pinkish or incredibly pale patty color

-Raw beef taste



Regular Yum (RY)


-full taken SBD (8-12g)

-regular patty

-bun heel

Standard Yum w/Cheese (RYC)

-bun top

-full shot SBD (8-12g)

-sliced mozzarella cheese

-regular patty

-bun high heel

Mushroom Cheese (MC)

-bun crown

-mushroom pieces (4-7 pcs)

-cream cheese (19g) #24

-regular patty

-bun heel

Tomato, Member of the lettuce family & Mozzarella cheese (TLC)

-bun high heel

-mayonnaise (10g) #28

-regular patty

-sliced cheese

-lettuce (2pc)

-tomato (1pc)

-catsup (10g) 5peso coin

-bun top


-bun heel

-mayonnaise (20+-2g) #22

-champ patty (put cheese burger wheel)

-sliced cheese

-lettuce 3pc (2big, 1small)

-tomatoes 2pcs

-catsup (10+-2g) 5peso coin

-bun crown

Wrapping & Microwaving:

1 . Copy assembled burger to the center of the wrapper.

2 . Fold ¾ over overhead

three or more. Pinch fold side flaps and flip under.

4. Tend not to wrap firmly it will result to deformation, increased creases and burger will shrink (visual reference) five. **for champ, place cheese burger on a plastic-type sleeve ahead of putting in to box. Not any wrapping needed. 6. Devote a popular pan, maximum RY (6pcs), Champ (4pcs).

7. Said in the micro wave press Menu 1 (for burgers) as well as the quantity of the burgers getting heated. almost eight. Transfer to food more comfortable, monitor possessing time of a couple of minutes. Serving temp: 130°F.

Having Time of Items:

Patties – you hour/ Carter Hoffman

Buns – follow major

SBD – 4 hrs as well as ice

Sliced Dairy products – 40 mins

Mayonnaise – 8hrs/ ice cubes

Member of the lettuce family – 4hrs/ ice

Tomato – 4hrs/ice

Catsup – 24hrs

Mushroom – 12 hrs.


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