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Inside the Hay Wain John Constable chose to paint a countryside landscape which in turn runs into the space in sun-drenched meadows, counter by the cool waters in the pool in the foreground. The theme of this portrait is very much rural life plus the beauty of the landscape which the artist liked so much. The Hay Wain is based on a web site near Flatford on the riv Stour, in Suffolk, Britain. The hay wain on its own is a kind of horse-drawn cart which is a common item of agricultural products used throughout the artist’s children. The cottage in the still left of the graphic was leased by a player and stands behind Flatford mill owned or operated by Constable’s father. Through the meadow in the distance for the right, a grouping of haymakers can be seen working. The farm personnel are hard at work but seem contended and are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. All of these elements illustrate Constable’s idyllic look at of his home state of Suffolk.

However idyllic Constable’s view of rural Great britain was during his job it’s not likely that there was as much relaxed and delight in the countryside during this period. Because of the onset of the commercial Revolution in the 19th 100 years, many country people found themselves out of jobs as farming work became more developing and equipment reduced the man power necessary to harvest and maintain crops and animals. Large areas of The uk also found uprisings and riots numerous rural areas that were troubled by the job failures. It may be that Constable would not paint photos of these challenges because he did not want to draw attention away from the natural scenery itself. In The Hay Wain the workers happily fit in with mother nature and live in harmony with all the area. Alternatively the entrance of the accurate relationship farmville farm workers acquired with the terrain could have been because the industrial trend simply didn’t affect Policier, he originated from a prosperous family and the revolution only served to help make the rich wealthier. Through relatives friends and business associates Policier was subjected to what was considered as the best artwork of his day and this led to him developing his own portrait style which is illustrated in The Hay Wain.

In contrast to the shaped and traditional landscapes of Claude Lorraine widely regarded as being the pinnacle of landscape painting even about Constable’s time, The Hay Wain is usually portrayed like a real picture and therefore proportion is not so as important as realism in the part. Instead Constable sketched what he found and in the end what he knew well, having lived near this farm being a boy. Finish and perfect beauty- something that could only be developed in a mythological or biblical world was popular during Constable’s period. The musician painted mother nature as it was, wonderful work was obviously a breath of fresh air in an art globe full of over-dramatic and special landscapes. In keeping with the artist’s love of nature, normal tones happen to be predominant in The Hay wain and there is comparison between the pool of drinking water, the tall delicate trees and the strong brick home to the left. The various tones every complement each other and are repeated to add balance to this piece: the blue of the pool is mirrored in the sky plus the red of the home is highlighted subtly in the trees and in the harness of the horse. The trees and shrubs and turf encircle the whole composition with relief from the yellow meadows disappearing for the right that really help to stop the painting via seeming closed in or too claustrophobic.

The Hay Wain presents a almost perfect English summer season day and Constable accomplishes this through the use of natural light and painting really from his sketches with the scene. As a young young man Constable typically went out skying”, sketching the clouds and sky to perfect his strategy. One of Constable’s most innovative techniques was to generate light on water by using white paint as a spotlight. This technique are visible The Hay Wain since the water from your stream in the foreground is usually disturbed by wheels with the hay wain itself. Even though Constable is famous for being one of the initially landscape painters to create canvases purely based upon nature, this individual did not fresh paint The Hay Wain on site. Instead he made several paintings in the summer of 1821 and produced the finished petrol version in his London studio room in the winter of the identical year. This method was widely used by Constable and of course this helped that he knew the panoramas he was piece of art very well, having spent his childhood in the same area, and he often added details by memory.

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