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The meaning of identification, to me, is who you are- certainly not who you want to be. It consists of the mental, physical and emotional features that established one person in addition to the rest of the crowd and define who a character really is. Steve Green and David Levithan’s Will Grayson, Will Grayson focuses on identity as a topic, illustrating coming of age, trying to find who you are, who you need in your life, and also on lovemaking identity and orientation, which usually many small adult authors today consider too in a lather or hypersensitive a topic.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson details the lives of two incredibly externally different high school students, the two coincidentally called Will Grayson, whose lives become associated through less likely circumstances. Both Wills emotionally have their similarities regarding id: what they discover as their purpose in life, that they want to be looked at by others, and how they want to deal with their emotions. The first Will Grayson endeavors his far better to keep to himself(much in contrast to his flamboyant closest friend Tiny Cooper) as he feels it will stop him coming from creating excessive conflict in the life, living unexamined and routine.

This individual doesn’t quite know whom he is or what his purpose is at this point yet has no strategies of changing his lifestyle. That is, up until a female named Her enters his life, and he begins to take dangers and believe more regarding himself and the way to cope with the good feelings he’s actually not well prepared for. This individual begins looking at things, requesting questions, and doing things he never would have with no Jane coming into his life; the once quiet and reserved Is going to who had avoided love discovered himself wanting her, feeling vulnerable, and taking hazards like receiving a fake IDENTITY to go to clubs and stag shops.

The second Will Grayson however generally seems to think this individual has a stable, if certainly not stubborn, understanding of who he can. After struggling with depression for many years he features given up struggling with it and decides to try and coexist peacefully with it in his existence and features accepted his fate as being unhappy permanently. Will however is facing a serious personality crisis; he could be unable to fully understand his very own homosexuality. Though he provides a boyfriend and he is acutely aware of the fact that he is attracted to other guys, he can barely admit it to himself.

This individual does anything in his capacity to appear straight and cover anything that probably will hint to him becoming gay. This individual hides himself both bodily and emotionally from the outside globe behind some type of computer screen and avoids speaking with anyone aside from his man, Isaac, at all costs. The turning points in Will’s life are when he discovers Isaac is a artificial identity developed by his friend Maura to coax him in to coming out with her as homosexual; and when Is going to meets Small Cooper and our initially Will in Chicago, where the worlds of our two Will Graysons conflict.

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