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The purpose of this kind of memo can be provide an understanding of the Tongans and the tradition and principles that they hold. The reason why this kind of study is necessary is because just before meeting the Tongan, there is also a need to ensure that you just too the actual same values and philosophy as them and do not offend these people in any manner.

Following are a couple of the major matters under conversation such as the clothing you should have on, the gestures and the frame of mind you should preserve and many more. Suitable Dress In respect to research, the Tongans use their traditional dress all over the place, be it to work and at formal situations. In order to be familiar with Tongan dress, the following excerpt has been considered: Tongan people are still wearing traditional outfit.

Tongan males wear a tupenu, a cloth skirt-like that goes around their midsection, and this goes beneath their legs. It is donned to work and on formal occasions. (Internet, 1999[1]) Social Persuits The Cubierta residents assume that family is of utmost priority. However the young people can be noticed phoning their seniors by their initial name, his passion and the proper care that they have designed into their tradition is the substance of Cubierta. Tongans are known to commemorate and meet with their relatives when they below any kind of media. This is the tradition that they keep and this is a kind of traditions that should become held in virtually any coversation.

Until the Tongans do not seem like they are using a family, they’re not going to feel comfortable and could not interact personally as necessary. Eating The eating habits with the Tongan citizens is very simple, nevertheless , the way they make their meals is a little several. They are considering eating meat, vegetables and fruits; however , they cook pork upon big situations only.

They generally cook their particular food is a large subterranean oven that they can make by themselves and they get their own approaches of serving food in banana or perhaps other kinds of leaves. Gestures and Attitudes The most common way of greetings a Tongan is by either shaking the hands or perhaps by providing a verbal greeting. In the indigenous language of Tonga, Malo e lelei’ means hi there and this is this greeting is normally provided with a shake side. What you must be sure is that Tongans believe in soothing unwelcome guests.

This means that they have a custom shed by anyone’s house and expect to become treated with hospitality.

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