individuality and principles essay


1) Which of the following does the heredity procedure state? a) An individual’s individuality is determined by the social backdrop one is brought up in. b) An individual’s personality is determined by molecular structure with the genes. c) An individual’s character is influenced by the financial settings he’s surrounded by. d) A person’s nature are created by the company he keeps my spouse and i. e., his friends and family. e) A person’s personality traits are generally influenced simply by global styles and characteristics.


2) Valerie Sinclair, a local climate campaigner in an environmental corporation, invariably uses rationale making decisions for project implementation. She believes which the right decisions can be manufactured only through scrutiny and analysis. Each time she must make a decision, your woman weighs almost all options prior to taking action. Which in the following is usually Sinclair’s individuality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) classification?

a) intuitive

b) introverted

c) thinking

d) feeling

e) perceiving


3) What is the major problem with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a measure of personality? a) It has too much classifications which tends to confuse a person.

b) It pushes a person to be categorized as either one type or another. c) Will not have a definite demarcation among different personality types. d) It has a tendency to overemphasize intuitive traits more than analytical qualities. e) What this means is results related exclusively to job overall performance Answer:

4) ________ can be as important for managers as for front-line employees and, among all Big Five Model traits, is most consistently related to job

performance. a. Extroversion

b. Agreeableness

c. Conscientiousness

d. Mental stability

e. Openness to experience


5) People scoring ________ have a strong ability to modify his or her behavior to external, situational elements and can behave differently in different situations. a) low upon openness

b) high on narcissism

c) low on agreeableness

d) high on self-monitoring

e) low on conscientiousness


6) Which usually of the next statements is most likely to be the case regarding people with proactive people?

a) They behave passively to situations.

b) They have a tendency to display their particular true dispositions and behaviour in every condition.

c) They tend to be selfish and exploitive and believe other folks exist for his or her benefit.

d) They are really more likely than others to be seen as leaders.

e) They are narcissistic in nature and require regular admiration. Answer:

7) Which from the following will also apply to values?

a) They are void of a judgmental element.

b) They are almost always fluid and versatile in mother nature.

c) They have articles and intensity attributes.

d) They never change irrespective of exterior factors.

e) They may be always proven in a individual’s later years.


8) Which will of the following is a great instrumental worth?

a) economic success

b) social identification

c) personal willpower

d) world tranquility

e) meaning in life


being unfaithful. John Holland’s personality-job fit theory gives six persona types. Which of the following is one of those six types? a) analytic

b) imaginative

c) functional

d) investigative

e) intuitive


twelve. With reference to the Hofstede’s framework, which country scores maximum in individuality? a) Usa

b) Finland

c) Quotes

d) Great Britain

e) Norway


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