in pride and prejudice who is to be blamed for


In ‘Pride and Prejudice’, there are a number of people who can be blamed for Lydia’s behaviour. Lydia develops right into a selfish, single minded, thoughtless and superficial woman through the impact of others and a lack of discipline and boundaries.

Primarily, Mrs. Bennet is to blame. Lydia and her mother happen to be ‘two of the kind’ ” silly, vain, snobbish, snobbish and flirtatious. Mrs. Bennet has indulged and cosseted Lydia and favours her above her sisters. Rather than preventing Lydia from producing an embarrassment of their self and disgracing the family by flirting with the representatives when the girl with too young to socialise, Mrs.

Bennet encourages her behaviour in the hope of obtaining at least daughter wedded off. Equally Mrs. Bennet and Lydia seem to have a fondness of men in uniform, and are also unfortunately elementary enough to exhibit it. Actually Mrs Bennet says

 I do remember the time once i liked a red coat myself perfectly ” as well as so I perform still inside my heart.

Using this we can see that Lydia provides inherited her foolishness after her mother died. Mrs. Bennet is a social climber and incredibly interested in getting married to well, yet upon hearing of Lydia’s elopement with all the discreditable Mister. Wickham, rather than being furious is thrilled, and thinks only of the wedding garments. Yet if perhaps her children Elizabeth or perhaps Jane acquired eloped and were getting married to a man with little money and many debts, Mrs. Bennet may not have been so happy.

Mr. Bennet also has a fair input in to Lydia’s behaviour, but in a completely different approach from his wife. Lydia’s father dampens himself in the library, burying himself in back of books and a wall membrane of whining, allowing his wife for taking responsibility for his daughters’ upbringings, with all the knowledge that the girl wasn’t fully capable of accomplishing it satisfactorily. When Lizzy warns him against permitting Lydia go to Brighton, Mr. Bennet does not take pay attention to, and allows Lydia to look anyway.

The reason is , he believes that Lydia may be cut back down to earth and shown that she is not so important in Brighton, and that she’d be in the safe hands of Colonel Forster’s partner. Mr. Bennet also knows that if he did not, then Lydia will emotionally blackmail him simply by nagging and crying, while would his wife right up until he approved permission. Rather than disallowing her, Mr. Bennet is weak and gives in, as he believes it will be easier to get him. Very little does this individual know that Lydia will elope with an officer and disgrace all the family. However , by the end of the publication, he realises his mistakes, and blames himself pertaining to Lydia’s behaviour. He says:

“You may well notify me against such an bad. Human nature is indeed prone to get caught in it! Zero, Lizzy, let me once around me feel simply how much I have been to blame. I i am not afraid of being crowded out by the impression. 

Someone else partly accountable is Mister. Wickham. Not necessarily entirely Lydia’s fault that she simply cannot resist his charms, since after all, he deceived her older and far wiser sister too. Yet , his intentions were not honourable and this individual did not manage to have virtually any intention of marrying Lydia. Had Mister. Darcy certainly not intervened and bribed Wickham, Lydia probably will have gone home disgraced, without having possibility of marital life in the future.

Additionally , Elizabeth himself might experience partly, if perhaps not wholly to blame for Lydia’s behaviour; the lady knew what Wickham was capable of, having read Darcy’s account about his past actions. She can see what Lydia was doing and may have probably prevented her sister coming from being afflicted by scandalous chat and also ended Lydia via making a fool of herself by letting persons know what Mr. Wickham was just like.

In considering the role that various character types have to enjoy in Lydia’s behaviour, the company aims to forget that everyone has a responsibility on their own, and their activities, including Lydia. After all, she has older sisters who turn into respectable youthful women who have got happy, caring marriages to wealthy men. Maybe Lydia has more type into her own behaviour than we ought to ignore.


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