Impact of islam on west africa dissertation

Islam impacted West Africa in several ways. It changed the people’s views with their rulers, and some people, however, way they will viewed the world. Other aspects stayed similar, like the values of the pagan people and how they resided. The most important interconnection that Islam made globally was the establishment of trading centers and routes.


When Muslims helped bring Islam in West The african continent from throughout the Sahara, Africans were interested in it as it helped all of them through a period where their rulers were changing.

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Rulers were really attracted to the Islamic concept of state and religion staying united beneath one leader because that they thought it could help strengthen their expert. Also, many lower persons converted to Islam because of its egalitarian beliefs. The truth that all everyone was viewed as equates to appealed to them, because then can be equal to the folks that viewed down upon them. In several ways, Islam changed the landscapes of the persons in Western world Africa.

Since Islam was growing rapidly, many people were converting, but pagan people did not desire to change their very own polytheistic views on life because that was the only point they had to look forward to. Contrary to Hinduism, Islam was incredibly strict when it came to including different beliefs along with their own. Pagan people made up a huge part of the West African inhabitants. Therefore to ensure Islam to spread even further, Sufi mystics integrated pagan beliefs in Islam. The beliefs did not change, plus the pagan everyone was at tranquility with the pagan people as well as its ideas.

In global framework, Islam made an important connection with other parts on the planet through control. West The african continent had many points where Muslims founded trading centers that bought and sold with Asia and Europe. Trade propagate Islamic suggestions to other parts of the world, introducing fresh regions and empires to egalitarian and monotheistic values. These philosophy helped various other regions in the world deal with battle, conquering with their land, and unlawful taxation that was part of the peoples’ daily lives. Without building trade tracks, Islam cannot have afflicted other parts on the planet as much as completely in such a short time.

The changes Islam made in the views from the West Africans helped these people get through hard times, and unified these people. The continuity of the beliefs of the questionnable people also helped Islam spread, and kept a lot of the empire as a way. The impact of Islam in multiple methods helped unify West The african continent, and founded important contacts around the world.

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