Ibrahim Pasha Essay

Ibrahim Pasha Essay

Ibrahim Pasha makes the sculpturer he found make a sculpture of himself. Kanuni gets incredibly angry with Ibrahim pahsa because of this disrespect of him and doesn’t share his feelings about this with any individual.

But afterwards he stocks his emotions with Ibrahim pahsa. Due to this, he wants to resign since he could be afraid of Kanuni’s anger. After that, Ibrahim pahsa comes back for the palace to choose his items from his servants. Ibrahim Pasha’s wife Hatice Sultan asks why he is heading, whether he will come back to the palace or not.

Although he doesn’t want to talk about anything about the problem despite of her insists then simply he leaves. Hatice Sultan has a problem, her headache is that: her husband is killed by Kanuni as well as the head of her better half is in a sack on the table. When your woman wakes up, she cries and goes to the salon; your woman opens the sack and sees the top of Ibrahim Pasha’s figurine. She considers her spouse has been killed.

Then, your woman goes to her Kanuni’s building and asks him if her hubby has been slain or not. Kanuni says he is ok, nevertheless the lady doesn’t consider. Later, Mustafa leaded on his aunt and she attended her mother’s room. When ever Valide Sultan saw Hatice Sultan, the lady went to talk to her son for this circumstance and she teaches that Ibrahim Pasche was very well. Later; she mentioned this case to her sis.

I think this kind of part was the resolution of the episode. As well, Ibrahim Pasche was along with his twin sibling and he confessed that he didn’t love Hatice Sultan and he cherished Nigar.