how the seniors live in my own neighborhood a job



Interview one particular

The first interview that I executed involved among my neighbour Jack who may be 74 years old who I actually consider because my grand daddy considering the fact that were very close and he is a really interactive individual that enjoys company of small individuals and keeps upon talking about the present differences during his some current times. The interview involved a face-to-face connection, which made certain that I was able to have an understanding about key actions during his youthful times. The dialogue was very educative and interactive since I dedicated to a lot varied elements regarding social communications. The interview focused on the entertainment picture based on audio recording, car radio, movies and television creation.

The typical understanding that I received coming from my interview with Jack is that a lot has really altered although their very own exist several understanding in whether the culture has changed for the best for more serious depending on someone preferences. The interviewee listens to jazz music music highlighting its soothing benefit. Edward Kennedy Duke Ellington was his beloved artist. The interviewee claims that idolizing someone back in the time was based on significant success in the society and the teenager idols during the time were mostly singers who made amazing success.

Jack Wild was his teen idol, back then it was very difficult to won anything and the family run thus almost all of the properties. The family owned a gramophone which meant that his father simply operated that at specific time. During this period, the records were being sold at approximately $1. 5 in specific shops in our local town. The interviewee shows that they were raised not knowing Cd albums until inside the 1980s the place that the world was undergoing significant transformation in all respects.

The expansion over the years had been blinding particularly the development in the entertainment picture, it was difficult to have high-definition images for the screens since the screens that they used in 1955s were really small and shown less very clear images whilst they learnt to work with them during the time. The interviewee highlighted that based on all of the changes that have been happening it is very challenging to imagine the past since it seems like nothing might have been functioning.

The courses that were getting aired upon both a radio station and Television set had practically a similar pattern and viewing or listening to different radio or tv stations built no significant sense. Film production company industry was always growing and there are a lot of important films that were made back in the times although the superb ones have been reproduced to promote the ideas. The key take into account the 50s and sixties was the thought process among manufacturers that was out of the world. The interviewee illustrates the level of imagination in the sixties and seventies as key which has been unequaled by current producers who focus on enhancing on the currently available thought.

Second interview

The second interview that we conducted engaged my uncle who is my father’s parent brother. I chose him as they seems to have more experience than my father when it comes to the development in the entertainment and communication market having been was raised in the 80s a period when ever there were significant innovations and development which in turn changed a global focus on many things especially technology. The interview was conducted face to face where it was easy to allow the interview have an understanding on the purpose and the things i wanted to obtain through his responses.

His the majority of preferred type of music was country music. Country music was extremely huge during this time period with many performers opting for this and it gained global fame. His favorite specialist was and still Kenny Rodgers who is among the legends in music sector as well the pioneers of country music that has been drastically adopted over the year. Kenny Rodgers was his ideal growing up and planned to do everything he saw Kenny Rodgers used to do. This individual also attended some of Kenny Rodgers concert events as a young adult.

Vinyl Record player was your only stereo system that our family owned and the interviewee provides an understanding on the fact that his dad was very strict with the system and was simply used for significant occasions. Having been afraid for this to be broken since there was no support center inside the nearby. The price tag on LPs were averaging by $2 although the innovation of CDs developed significant environment under that they can were more engaged and had more information with regards to these developments.

There was diversity within the system wherever movies and television photos were more clear and the programing on the radios and Tvs stations began being handled by professionals considering the fact that there were changes in the industry due to improved completion levels. The initial family color television was bought at $450 in 1981. The interviewee highlights there are no significant changes during his period growing up and current environment though technology has taken significant control almost on everything setting up a very complicated environment pertaining to development. The main element measures which were put in place earlier on have been drastically forgotten in favour of sophisticated technology.

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