How issues of difference and equal rights impact

Equality, Plan for treatment


Excerpt from Application Composition:

Diff/Equal/Therapeutic Relationship

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Problems of difference and equality can have a significant impact after a restorative relationship. The relationship between specialist and client should be totally professional. Not necessarily uncommon intended for clients to project specific ideas and perceptions on to the counselor. It is the counselor’s role, in such instances, to move the focus to the client and the issues s/he needs to addresses. Because the work of the specialist is to help individuals, some people may go through the relationship can be one between a superior and a subordinate. The counselor may have more education than the client, or in some cases much less. The counselor’s education was designed to provide the basis from which therapy can be offered. This professional preparation will not make the counselor superior to clients in the total, but it truly does mean the counselor can be trained to talk about insights and develop treatment plans. A few clients might transfer improper feelings towards the counselor. They might see the counselor as a father or mother figure or maybe a romantic number. They may perceive the counselor as being of the higher course than themselves.

There is proof that lifestyle plays different and multiple roles generally characterized by cultural dissonance among client and therapist (Flaskerud, 2007, s. 1081). Counselors are often stereoptyped as American, middle class, English-speaking and white. High is ethnical dissonance, you will discover differences in benefit systems, which means and manifestation of symptoms, perceptions of behavior, analysis, access to proper care, acceptability of care, treatment, and the meaning and effect of pharmacotherapy (Flaskerud, p. 1081). For example , a counselor may speak about occurring holiday. The consumer might envision an exotic vacation, although in reality the counselor could be preparing to use a week in a relative’s home, or perhaps sleeping in a tent on a camp earth. In this case the consumer is projecting the idea that the counselor is usually middle course and can manage many amusement. The reality may be that the counselor hails from a working class background and does not, actually have any more money that anyone around the roster of clients. It is vital that the issue of category and ethnical difference become resolved to ensure that the therapy to be effective.

It is not rare for clients to imagine a romantic relationship using their therapists. The therapist, because it

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