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Specific Goal: At the end of my conversation, the audience will be informed for the risks of HIV/AIDS as well as the steps you can take in order to avoid this via happening. Central Idea: With this infection growing in the world, we must make sure that we are knowledgeable and that all of us avoid the habit that will trigger us to become exposed to the virus Critique: We must understand the causes, hazards, and elimination related to this virus that may be taking over fresh women today.

Thesis Statement: In this informative composition, I in brief discuss HIV/AIDS, identity 3 of the demographics via HIV/AIDS (age, gender, just how people contact it), and the way to prevent this kind of growing pandemic. Introduction: Tina Middleton found HIV coming from her spouse at age 20. She don’t know her partner acquired HIV till she acquired pregnant. Her life was changed permanently and your woman thought that it was over. Tinaja didn’t permit anyone find out about the news. Once she found deliver the baby, the staff took extraordinary safety measures to protect themselves from coming in contact with the computer virus.

The steps they will took to shield themselves was horrible for Tina. She had to get put in keep on her personal, away from the other mothers. The girl had to finally confess to her family and friends mainly because they planned to know how come the nurses were all wearing face masks. Imagine if you were in this situation? Another horrible story, Olivia Ford was 17 when ever she found she was HIV confident, but the shocker was, the girl was born with it, together been impacted by it for 10 years before she recognized about it. Think about if you were with this situation? 1 . HIV is one of the leading causes of death on the globe. 2 .

In line with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (2009), 1 . one particular million Americans are living with HIV/AIDS, believed 18% of individuals living with HIV are undiagnosed, and every on the lookout for? minute somebody in the US is definitely infected with HIV a. In this educational essay, We briefly talk about HIV/AIDS, personality the 3 demographics from HIV/AIDS (age, competition, how people contact it), and how to stop this developing epidemic To begin with, I. Precisely what is HIV/AIDS? a. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the disease that causes SUPPORTS. This virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood and sexual carry out.

This illness alters immune system, making persons much more susceptible to infections and diseases b. HIV is the virus which in turn attacks the T-cells in the immune system, SUPPORTS is the problem which shows up in advance levels of the contamination. It is possible to obtain HIV without develop ASSISTS. c. Individuals with HIV possess what is referred to as HIV disease. Without ideal therapy, most of these people will establish AIDS because of their HIV infection. This kind of brings me to my next point, II. 3 Demographics a. Age 1 ) HIV/AIDS may be the 5th leading cause of loss of life in women in the United States, ages 24-55 2 .

Young adults and teens between 13 to 29 symbolize 39% of the new HIV infections, the largest of every age group. Dark-colored teens happen to be disproportionately damaged, representing 70% of reported AIDS cases among 13 to 19-years-old in 2010; Latino represented 19% b. Contest 1 . African-American and Latinos women happen to be infected many by HIV/AIDS 2 . Blacks accounted for 44% of new infections in 2009 yet, they only take up 12% of the ALL OF US population. Latinos accounted for twenty percent of the fresh infection but comprise 16% of the ALL OF US population, while white symbolize 32% of the new contamination and take into account 65% in the total population c.

How would you Get HIV/AIDS? 1 . Sex Contact: once you have anal, dental or oral sex with the help of a partner, you will usually have contact with your partner’s body system fluids. If the partner has HIV, these body fluids can deliver the virus into your bloodstream through microscopic break or rips in the delicate linings of the vagina, male organ, mouth, etc .. 2 . During pregnancy, childbirth, or perhaps breastfeeding: babies have continuous contact with their particular mother’s body system fluids-including amniotic fluid and blood throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

After birth, babies can get HIV from ingesting infected breasts milk a few. As a result of injections of medication use: injecting drugs places you in contact with blood-your individual and others, of you reveal needles and “works. Sharp needles or medicines that are infected with HIV-infected blood can easily deliver the virus directly into the body What to do to avoid HIV/AIDS III. How To Prevent HIV a. The main thing is always to educate yourself about HIV/AIDS and avoiding tendencies that allows HIV-infected fluids-blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast feeding b.

Make use of a new condom every time you have sex c. Consider the drug Truvada 1 . Only suitable if your doctor is certain an individual already have an HIV or hepatitis W infection installment payments on your You should use and various other prevention approaches such as condom use every time you have sex d. Use clean needles 1 ) If you use a needle to inject medications make sure is actually sterile and do not share that e. Should you be pregnant, acquire medical care immediately 1 . You may pass chlamydia to your baby, if you acquire treatment, this might cut raise the risk by two-thirds To encapsulate things up

We certainly have discussed a few horrible testimonies about persons life’s changing from being infected coming from HIV/AIDS, likewise briefly gone over what HIV includes and the techniques to prevent that from happening. In addition , we went above the growing figures of this disease. As young women we have to make sure we could being safe and having yearly examinations to decrease this kind of terrible contamination. Get tested if you are sexually active, it will not hurt to know your position. Most importantly, keep yourself well-informed about this malware, make sure you happen to be practicing the prevention tactics and notify others about the knowledge you already know about the virus.


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