How can the poet bring the subject material “to life” to the target audience? The composition shows that the kid is just beginning life, as the composition progresses, he learns something new about it; that he is basically vulnerable inside the real world. The poet deals with to bring the niche matter to our lives by using a pair of language and structure that intensifies the reader’s participation in the composition. As seen, the poem consists of just one, long stanza, which simply creates the vision of the flow of ideas.


Through this structure we could see that 1 idea directly links to a new, instead of the normal separation of thoughts through various stanzas. The single stanza also transmits to the visitor the way the child behaves inside the poem: this individual remains continue to through most of it, supplying the idea of a static scenario and a consistent flow of the feelings and emotions your child goes through.

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The poet person manages to intensify the connection reader-child by using a wide variety of language techniques and constantly mentioning the reader while “you”.

This first technique enables the poet to make certain the reader can be inside the composition, continually suffering from the actions that occur. By referring to the audience while “you”, this individual slots someone into the situation, by making all of them the child in the poem. This means that he handles to intensify the feelings and emotions, also to transmit the actions that take place. The continuous usage of adjectives, adverbs, and even personification helps someone to capture an improved image of the problem. The bags in the application shed smell like the countryside”, “And below they are, whispering at the door”, and “Someone stumbles, mutters” are samples of the use of diverse word organizations that tell the reader just what he is reading, smelling, undertaking, …

This kind of increases the attention of the audience, and strengthens the link together and the kid. The poet also works on the variety of personification, to give an even more lively look at to the composition. This manages to bring this issue matter alive. The shrubbery hold all their breath”: this sentence notifies the reader that there is hardly any wind flow outside, and this everything remains, unmovable, quiet… It holds once more the interest of the audience, and brings the game to life. The feelings of the poem is the self-confidence, in the kid, that reduces throughout the video game. The changing mood permits the poet to gain a positive and active response in the reader, that is grabbed into the poem, in the situation.

The confidence is seen to weaken, as at the beginning: “They’ll by no means find you in this salty dark”, your child is anxious to see the way the game develops, and to at some point win it. However , at the end, he realises that the video game is certainly not important by any means: “Where will be those who searched for you? ” Here we can see that the kid has a developing fear on the real world, and that he learns a significant lesson: ‘They’ have left him. He is which he is not the middle of the galaxy anymore, which one day he has to fend for him self and the universe won’t always be a nice place if you are out there all on your own. Hide and Seek’ moves from a child’s video game to fending for himself and from charlie being the centre in the universe to the world that doesn’t revolve around him anymore.

The poet makes use of one of the activities which all children have experienced to, through a metaphor, make it much easier for you to understand the changing situation, that goes by a child-like world towards the real, crueller world. This permits the poem to be shown as lively and provides the subject matter to life pertaining to the reader.


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