A monologue through the play by William ShakespeareKING: The whim that was quick in us but late


By your own counsel is suppressed and murdered.

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You must not care for disgrace to talk of mercy

For your own personel reasons turn into your busts

As dogs upon their masters, worrying you.

Help you, my princes and my own noble peers

These British monsters! My personal Lord of Cambridge right here

You know how apt our like was to accord

To supply him with all appertinents

Belonging to his reverance, and this guy

Hath, for a few light crowns, lightly conspired

And sworn unto the practices of France

To kill all of us here in Hampton, to the which usually

This dark night, no less pertaining to bounty sure to us

Than Cambridge can be, hath also sworn. Nevertheless O

What shall My answer is to the, Lord Scroop, thou terrible

Ingrateful, savage, and inhuman creature?

Thou that didst bear the important thing of all my counsels

That knewst the bottom of my heart

That practically mightst have got coined me into platinum

Wouldst thou have practiced on me for thy use?

Whether it is possible that international hire

Could out of thee extract one ignite of wicked

That might irritate my finger? Tis therefore strange

That, though the fact of it stands off since gross

While black and white-colored, my eyesight will hardly see it.

Treason and tough ever retained together

Since two yoke-devils sworn to eithers purpose

Working thus grossly in a natural trigger

That admiration did not whoop at them

But thou, gainst every proportion, didst bring in

Question to wait on treason and murder

And whatsoever crafty fiend it absolutely was

That made upon the so absurdly

Hath received the tone of voice in heck for superiority.

All other demons that recommend by treasons

Do botch and stupidity up damnation

With patches, colors, and with forms being fetched

From glistring semblances of piety

Although he that tempered thee bade thee stand up

Gave thee no instance for what reason thou shouldst do treason

Unless to dub the with the term of traitor.

If that same devil that hath gulled thee thus

Will need to with his big cat gait walk the whole world

He might return to vasty Tartar back

And notify the legions, I can never win

A soul really easy as that Englishmans.

Um, how hast thou with jealousy attacked

The sweet taste of affiance! Show men dutiful?

Why, so didst thou. Seem to be they grave and learned?

Why, thus didst thou.

Arrive they of noble friends and family?

Why, thus didst thou. Seem that they religious?

Why, so didst thou. And/or they spare in diet plan

Free from low passion or perhaps of mirth or anger

Constant in spirit, not swerving with the blood

Garnished and filled in modest complement

Not working with the eye without the ear canal

And in purged wisdom trusting not?

Such and thus finely bolted didst thou seem

And so thy fall hath left a kind of mark

To indicate the full-fraught man and best indued

With some mistrust. I will weep for thee

For this mutiny of thine, methinks, is similar to

Another show up of person.

Their very own faults are open.

Criminal arrest them to the response of the regulation

And God acquit these people of their practices!

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