Held slave shackled in the secret life of walter

The Secret Lifestyle of Walter Mitty


In James Thurber’s “The Magic formula Life of Walter Mitty, ” the contrast among Mitty showed as a fearless hero in his daydreams and Mitty as a cowardly mouse button in real life suggests that his daydreams cause him to reduce touch with reality, until he is not anymore in control of his life or his daydreams. In his “daydreams, ” this individual often imagines that he could be more powerful and skilled than he is actually, and his the fact is so affected by his wife that his creativeness takes over and creates an alternate reality where he feels more essential and required. This alternative reality is what allows him to cope despite having the stresses his wife puts on him every day.

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In one of his daydreams, where he is usually on trial for a great accused tough, “Walter Mitty raised his hand in short , and the arguing attorneys were stilled. ‘With any regarded make of a gun, ‘ he said evenly, ‘I could have killed Gregory Fitzhurst at three hundred ft with my personal left hand. ‘ Pandemonium pennyless loose inside the courtroom. A dark-haired young lady was in Walt Mitty’s arms” (3). Mitty, in his daydreams, he provides a overconfident, highly-skilled man. Dr. murphy is the hero and main focus of these escapades. He acts as though he could have taken Gregory via a great length with any kind of weapon, obviously producing his circumstance worse, although raises his esteem naturally clear risk. He goes as far as to incriminate himself just to produce himself viewed as a brave being, the moment in reality he could be a coward. At the end with the daydream, a lady runs desperately into Mitty’s arms, demonstrating how he could be always well-respected and appealing in his dreams. Mitty, in his dreams, constantly shows self-confidence and world of one. Yet Mitty’s truly passive personality provides for his better half, Mrs. Mitty, to restrict and desire him to complete things. In fact , she regulates his existence with no discord or conflict.

Following Mr. Mitty is advised by his wife to work with his hand protection while driving, “He put them on, but following she had turned and gone in the building and he had driven onto a red light, he required them away again. ‘Pick it up, sibling! ‘ clicked a cop as the light changed, and Mitty quickly pulled on his gloves and lurched ahead” (1). After Mitty’s wife forces Mitty to wear his gloves, this individual puts these people on initially, but then will take them off again after reaching the reddish light. As soon as the light transforms green, a cop then simply yells for Mitty to speed up, nevertheless Mitty naturally pulls on his gloves in response to the policeman, even though the cop never asked him to. He does this most likely as they has no control over his own life, wonderful wife’s expert causes him to do what she wants instinctively. This individual acts as although he is a weak bunny in comparison to his wife, who clearly recieve more power above his your life. Indeed, his submissiveness to his wife makes him weak and constantly on-edge.

Mitty, at the end in the story, turns into so overcome and incapable of controlling his own lifestyle that also in his daydreams, the only place where he has the ability to of control, he feels defeated. After Mitty will wait for his wife by the wall of a drugstore, “He took one particular last drag on his cigarette and clicked it apart. Then, recover faint, short lived smile playing about his lips, he faced the firing team, erect and motionless, very pleased and disdainful, Walter Mitty the Undefeated, inscrutable for the last” (4). In this new daydream, Mitty turns toward a firing squad, burning off expression and standing motionless helpless. Mrs. Mitty is represented as the shooting squad, handling Mitty and restricting him to do no matter what she chooses, Mitty is catagorized helpless to his wife’s authority as he shrinks from facing her. In the end, Mitty is “fired at” by simply Mrs. Mitty when he attempts to confront her, and this is what kills him in the end. He submits entirely and allows his wife complete control of his lifestyle.

Overall, Mitty lives a cowardly life by which he would not want to handle his issues head on, yet instead drifts off into a fantasy in which he strays farther from the anxiety of relationship and tries to push it back into his mind instead of overcoming that. This eventually leads to his demise once, even in the last fantasize, he is conquered.

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