Hathaway’ Poetry Essay


William Hathaway is known as a combat warfare veteran who have written many novels with regards to war and men (Rommel).

He normally takes mature and intimate subject matter and matters. However , certainly one of his poetry entitled Oh, Oh draws none of such ideas. This is what makes the composition different. Instead of the usual topics, Hathaway takes up a very childlike mirth in this poem.

Even though the use of phrases is quite complex and thought-provoking, the poem speaks with the young like blooming in the middle of a made world. This kind of passionate composition with its wealthy imagery can be an elegant sort of two figures of conversation, namely, paradox and onomatopoeia. The symbolism constructed by simply Hathaway in the poem is evident in several of the points he has used.

In the poem, through the use of diction and develop, the poet expresses the loving sentiment that he feels towards his girl. He tries to take hold of the precious instant where he fantastic girl are alone in a field of grass. Furthermore, images of their dreams are illustrated strongly. This was made by the use of the educate and the train.

As the train nears them, the dream of him being leader fills as soon as. The connection between your man as well as the girl is usually established by the girl’s arrangement to the dream, even adding, and me first lady (Hathaway 574). The relationship as a result exhibited by pair appears to deepen more as the passing coach travels even farther.

Another extremely good way of enriching the imagery of the poem is in fact evident within the poem’s title. Analyzing the title, it gives an idea of a quiet and yet psychological air throughout the moment. Even though the passing coach is somewhat fast plus the moment can be short-lived, the poet effectively slows down the ticking from the clock due to the way he uses phrases that stick around into the reader’s mind.

For this reason, the author chemicals a nice image of the field. One of the tools that manufactured the poem’s imagery efficiently depicted is definitely the author’s make use of different characters of conversation. One of them is a onomatopoeia which is very obvious in most from the lines.

To begin with, onomatopoeia is a figure of speech exactly where imitation of natural seems by words and phrases is employed (Microsoft Encarta). As can be seen in the title, the poem can be seemingly filled with onomatopoeic terms. One such example is the series, moocows chomping daisies (Hathaway 574). The animals were described by using the noises they make, as a result, creating a even more vivid picture as if the reader hears the natural seems at that moment himself. Another such example is usually exhibited by simply the choo-choos light where the poet tries to let the visitor hear the approaching of the teach with that appear characteristic with the train (Hathaway 574).

As can be observed, although the poet would not really applied the word train, it was currently understood as such. What makes this different is the fact it gives a childlike feel to the poem. This efforts is a good means of implying which the lovers happen to be in their fresh years. The overall effect of the deliberate make use of onomatopoeic passages thus provides youthful spring to the poem.

Besides the make use of onomatopoeia, the author also uses the number of presentation known as irony. In this type, also known as paradox, the author attempts to articulate contradicting ideas to travel a point or perhaps portray distinct images (Microsoft Encarta). Interestingly, the author does not actually make use of irony virtually. Instead, the type of irony found in the composition is that of situational irony, which means, there are two images that are depicted which usually complementarily compare each other.

This could be clearly the result of looking at the two circumstances which can be represented in the poem. The first of both images is nature. Just like be seen through the opening passages of the composition, the author narrates the image of nature in grassland. This individual even tried to include grazing animals in his narration. Thus, the image is usually rendered like a natural environment in which the living beings such as the moocows chomping daises plus the grass stems are thriving (Hathaway 574).

On the other hand, the other graphic is that of the created community. This man-made image comes with that of the rail road, the teach and even all those Hells Angels mentioned inside the poem (Hathaway 574). All of these things are produced in the physical world of man, thus placing an unpleasant environment. This mechanical image is the opposite image of the natural adjacent describe before.

Therefore , this sort of mechanical graphic and normal surrounding can be described as utilization of paradox. What makes that more interesting is usually that the young couple seems to link these two pictures. The arm waves to us through the black window is a interconnection between the two of these contrasting photos (Hathaway 574). The use of statistics of talk in the composition makes their richer literary content.

It provides an impression that the author enjoyed appropriate phrases to create a vibrant touch towards the whole piece. The thing that pieces the poem apart is its quietness in the midst of a fast-passing minute. The imagery was a work of art mainly added by the use of two figures of speech, specifically, onomatopoeia and irony.

Applying these traditional tools of poetry, the author creates a composition full of emotion and passion.

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