Harriet tubman s great achievements essay

Harriet Tubman was a main character that accomplished many daring and selfless acts. She was born in Maryland in 1822 through the age of 5, she had been working. Your woman got married in 1844, to a free dark man, although she would still be a slave. Finally, in 1849, her master passed away and the lady decided to break free. That is when her great successes began. Her first superb achievement was operating the Underground Train. Her trips to grant other slaves were a huge selection of miles long. She journeyed from Maryland all the way about St .

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Catherines, Canada by walking. She took them all the way to Canada to get them away from the danger with the Fugitive Slave Act which was an act that manufactured Northerners turn in runaway slaves.

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Harriet was 28 once she manufactured her initial rescue and 38 when she manufactured her last. All of the twenty three fugitives had been collected in Dorchester County, Maryland. To stop capture, Harriet took trips at night in December, had taken slaves about Saturday nights (Sunday was a free day and they wouldn’t be required until Monday), and never met the fugitives at plantations.

It was a great success because this process was lengthy and had a large number of dangers that were all prevented by Harriet even thought the girl had about 11 individuals with her.

The next great achievements of Harriet was once she was obviously a spy and rescued 800 slaves in one night. 12 months after the start of Civil Battle, Harriet Tubman was asked by the govt of Massachusetts to join the Union soldiers in Sc. She generally there lead a team of eight black spies to control behind the enemy lines and provide data for a Union raid to free slaves. The Combahee River rezzou took place on June 2, 1863. This is a great success for “Moses, (Harriet’s play name, given to her because she was leading slaves to freedom), since she helped 800 slaves in one nighttime.

Harriet’s next achievement was becoming a doctor for the Massachusetts 54thVolunteers, an all dark group of solders. These solders attacked Ft Wagner in Charleston Harbor and Harriet was right now there to look after the injured. While functioning, Harriet by no means got paid out by the armed service so your woman had to offer baked goods and root ale to the solders. Even thought Harriet worked extremely hard, her activities were never recognized by the army. The girl never received pension and only took her rations 20 times. This is a great accomplishment.

Finally, Harriet’s last great achievement was taking care of poor and sick and tired people. Harriet took the 48 years from the end of the Civil War to her death to taking care of poor and ill people in her residence. She typically had six to eight people that the lady was caring for. In a offer from her, she says that she took care of the old, paralyzed, impaired, and people to sicknesses. These achievements had been all great, but That stuff seriously Harriet Tubman’s greatest success was the moment she was a spy pertaining to the Union and helped free 800 slaves. In comparison to the other successes, I think this is definitely even more heroic and deserving of even more praise. Harriet Tubman was an amazing hero that will by no means be forgotten because of her compassion and bravery.


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