Guys simply by lefkowitz respond to term paper

Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:


I was also disgusted by the jocks’ inattention to their marks (or anything, for that matter, of serious importance – i. electronic., do any of those “special” adolescents ever so much as read a book; support a friend (with no “hidden agenda”); or volunteer community service? Certainly not: they’re all too busy both indulging themselves; being indulged; and ruining other people’s night clubs; homes, and lives). Kevin Schertzer and John Maher (as in the event that either needed the money) even rob money, jewelry, and other belongings from their other students at the Candy Walking cane Ball. In the mean time, in the midst of all this jollity, Leslie is told she need to transfer to West Orange colored High School, exactly where she is aware of nobody, and receives the official diagnosis of mental retardation.

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One aspect of this book that I like and appreciate a great deal, is that of how the author, very deftly and with apparent seamlessness (I’m sure it had not been that easy, in reality) juxtaposes the “popular” kids’ participated, high-spirited, and quite often illegal acts against Leslie’s sad, lonely life. non-e of them at any time even make an effort to include her in anything or to always be even a small bit nice to her. How much efforts would which have taken some of them to from time to time include her in a thing, or even to befriend her one on one, privately, if these were worried about just how this would look to their different idiotic friends? Instead, these creeps just make fun of her and laugh by her with her face, then laugh that they laugh all the more, among themselves again, that they just made entertaining of her but the girl doesn’t “get it. “

People like this are often identified as “acting like animals, inches but that is, quite frankly, an insult to animals, whom with few exceptions (e. g., because of abuse; inbreeding, or illness) never take action this way, besides in self-defense or in quest of food. I do think that honestly human beings are worse than animals, in their intentionality.

Portion III likewise made me think about the famous Kitty Genovese incident, in which a young girl was murdered and everyone stood by viewing (Lefkowitz mentions this event, in comparison with so what happened to Leslie, later inside the book). Additionally, it reminded me of Shirley Jackson’s short account “The Lotto, ” where a Midwestern farming community holds an annual lotto in which a single person from the community is picked and cold-bloodedly stoned to death by the rest. In both situations (and in the matter of the team rape of Leslie) no one stood on with what was proper. They were both too worried or simply too stupid. Herman Melville writes, at the end of your short history called “Bartleby the Scrivener, ” with despair, “Ah, humanity. inch I was under no circumstances quite sure what Melville meant by those two words, until I go through Part 3 of

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