Graphics will be used for web page branding essay

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Images will be used pertaining to site personalisation, product photos, and item diagrams. Internet site branding can make use of the Jelly Veggie King Online Store company marketing.

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Static design will be in. jpg structure. Flash photos will be developed in Clayish Flash formatting (. swf). Both types are normal formats which needs to be viewable simply by almost all web browsers and devices. However , in the event that a internet browser unable to perspective JPGs or perhaps Flash data files loads the page, all images will incorporate ALT tags which will explain the function of the graphic to the viewers.

Branding will probably be placed plainly so that the viewer will become acquainted with the Jello Bean King Online Store company logo. Product photos will be promoting material displaying Jelly Veggie King items, packaging, or perhaps products being enjoyed by buyers.

Because it is important to communicate to audiences that Jello Bean Full products will be tasty, premium treats, everyone included in photos will appear to be joyful and happy while eating Jelly Veggie King jelly beans.

Make use of Videos

Videos hosted on the Jelly Bean King site will use MPEG format (. mp4) since it is supported by many Web browsers and mobile gadget operating systems, which includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Google android, iOS, and video gaming platforms like the XBOX 360 SYSTEM and Ps3 (Zencoder, 2010, para. 5). It is also supported by the Firefox web browser as long as users offer an updated version of Adobe Flashplayer installed. Videos hosted on the website might incorporate commercials, product snapshots, educational videos, and product evaluations.

On occasion, a few videos, just like commercials, may be hosted on YouTube and displayed on the Web web page using stuck video tags provided by YouTube. Videos will be hosted online if they are shared with viewers such as through newsletters, in social media, or used by different Web sites to promote Jelly Bean King products or provide Jelly Veggie King discount codes or discounts.

Viewers with the Jelly Veggie King Online Store Web site sees the maximum view of the site if they are able to look at Flash images. However , to be able to increase user friendliness and accessibility of the Site, viewers will not be required to download or mount any plugins to their individual computer or perhaps personal unit. Flash pictures used on the website will be extra frills and will not provide for vital navigation or content.

Description of Articles

Written content includes marketing text message, informational text message, user guides, frequently asked questions, and data furniture.

Marketing textual content will be created to communicate and promote

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