Geologic hazards and disasters dissertation

The word geo means our planet. The earth consists of all things that can be seen by the physical attention and also those that exist drop in the globe crust. Most of what includes the earth can be natural and very few of options artificial. These matters include mountain range, rivers, wetlands, trees, Ice cubes Mountains and also other phenomena. Man is the soul living beast that is responsible for the earths happens plus the events that take place in the earth directly affect individuals.

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A geological hazards or disasters involve all the events that set human lifestyle in danger and under menace of loss of life.

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The basic geological hazards consist of tsunamis, volcanoes, sinkholes, landslides, geomagnetic hard storms and the planet quakes among the rest. These occurrences include resulted in to the deaths of very many people. The situations are selective in the parts of their incidences depending o the type of the hazard. The planet quakes one example is are the majority of prevalent in the sections of Korea and japan.

Numerous preparations are always put in place to help avert the destructions due to the occurrences. The United States geological survey (USGS) is the type of body providing you with immediate information concerning the occurrences above.

EARTHQUAKES Earth quakes come as a result if heurt of the earth surface of movements that occur along the fault lines of the earth. They are due to occurrences like manmade explosions and scenic eruptions (Hough, Susan Elizabeth, 2006). The quakes may in turn induce moire dangerous events just like tsunamis plus the land photo slides. Earth quakes always cause damage over large sections of the area depending on the size and its power. Statistics disclose that most earthquakes occur with no warning and result in mis of many lives and problems for property.

People who live in the prevalent areas have great fear because they never know when the deadly time may turn up. Sudden launch of energy in the earth’s surface results into tremors and shakings on the earth’s surface and as a result, there is certainly creation with the seismic dunes. The seismic waves mop across the the planet hence creating a lot of trouble and destruction inside the earth as well as the people. The intensity of the earth go pitapat is measured using a seismometer which is also known as the seismograph (Hough, Susan At the, 2004). The intensity of seven is very hazardous and causes superb damage.

Mercalli scale may be the unit of measurement of the shaking strengths. The area of source of the earthquakes is called epicenter. Tsunamis usually come as the result of the epicenter location in the sea mattresses. Research discloses that this environmental hazard comes as a result of various factors. Such as geological flaws, volcanic actions and even land slides. Additional human actions that can cause earthquakes incorporate nuclear reactions especially throughout the testing of nuclear weaponry. Many elements of the world are thought as dander zones in terms of earthquakes are concerned.

Middle East coasts just like Japan and Korea will be among the most risky places. The quakes begin from one place which is called the epicenter after which spread to longer distance depending on the magnitude of the mixtures (Erickson, Jon, 2001). The earthquakes are thought is measured to be one of the dangerous geological hazards in history. The event damage buildings and other infrastructures in the regions of occurrence. Other significantly places can also face threat because the delivered signals may seriously affect the foundations of distant complexes especially the extra tall towers.

Property slides and avalanches are other events that can come as a result of the earthquakes. It is because the earth’s stability can be put to pressure whenever there is a shakeup. Several fires have also been started by quakes. Fire occur whenever the electric powered poles fall down and opposite poles get in touch. Many people have always passed away from these kinds of fires. The San Francisco globe quake of 1906 is usually one such case in point were even more people passed away from fire than the shakeups (Seller, John, 1996). Humans are the main sufferers in case of an the planet quake. A large number of lives are always lost because of the buildings dropping on persons.

Most people are also caught up inside the debris so they suffocate because of lack of oxygen. Earth quakes also create faults and weak points which could act as foreseeable future sources of geological hazards just like volcanoes and land slideshow. SOURCES Hough, Susan At the. Earth quakes elastic recurring. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006. Seller, John. Terrible earth-quakes, awful sights up London: Gwillim, 1996. Hough, Susan Elizabeth. After the The planet quakes. Nyc: Oxford School Press, 2005. Erickson, Jon. Quakes, eruptions, and other geologic cataclysms. New york city: Facts Upon File, 2001.


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