ganito kami noon paano kayo ngayon reflection


Drama, Film Analysis

Ganito Kami Midday, Paano Kayo Ngayon is a film that effectively describes the have difficulties of Filipino independence, plus the life of your ordinary son trying to explore and discover many country. The death of his mom and his buddie with Actor Gil, a Spanish friar, became a reason for a young man named Kulas Ocampo to traverse make foot more in a country with lost identity. With the much perseverance and courage, Kulas found Padre Gils son, Bindoy and at the same time, fulfilled a young gorgeous woman named Diding, an actress who has so much enthusiasm and wonderful desirein obtaining her dreams and one who immediately trapped Kulas cardiovascular system.

Staying unfamiliar towards the place, Kulas took a chance to ask support from a Chinese service provider named Lim, whom they met in the process, to guide and bring them to Padre Gils residence since he has to bring Bindoy back to his father. Upon reaching Sacerdote Gils residence, Kulas was then imprisoned and locked up with the rebels. It would not take very long to set Kulas free out of imprisonment since Add Tibor, a great able lawyer of Sacerdote Gil, bailed him in conformance with Padre Gils request. Kulas was likewise left with a long time fortune, and a responsibility to take care of Bindoy by Actor Gil when he had travelled back to Italy. His life changed ever since then, however , it absolutely was not enough since he wanted to have Diding as his lifetime partner. Unfortunately, Diding was a great ambitious woman who had inhumanity within her when it comes to the process of achieving her dreams which in turn resulted to breaking Kulas’ heart. With Don Tibor, who has rapidly found as being a greedy and prideful top-notch, and Diding’s unfaithfulness, Kulas was dismayed and filled with anger against the both of them. Later on that time, Kulas was asked by the Spaniards about the rebels. Remained unconvinced, the Spaniards placed Kulas in prison to get the second time and Kulas was then capable of escape with Kidlat. During such period, the American freed the Filipinos in the Spanish colonizers. And at the same time, Kulas had difficulties with his house since Lims mother attempted to claim the said house. Don Tibor offered help to Kulas in reclaiming his property and was certainly able to offer statements that proved his ownership, nevertheless , at that time, Lim was found dead and Don Tibor met a major accident which got him immobilized for the rest of his life. Following an enormous event, it was after that found out that Don Tibor was a committed man to a woman via IloIlo. Diding overheard the news and later in, asked Kulas to have their very own marriage. Over time, Diding informed the truth about what she felt for Put on Tibor. After what Kulas heard, this individual finally had senses and made the right decision to keep Diding.

Kulas made sure that Bindoy goes to institution and that he can be well looked after before this individual officially still left and returned to his province. The film displays the change of supervision from Spaniards to Us citizens. It regularly contains and portrays lives of the Filipinos under the judgment of their colonizers. It has obviously shown the inferiority in the Filipinos within their own nation which then produced the concept of countrywide identity in the Filipinos being obscured and vague. Problem who is the Filipino that Kulas generally asked, became an eye-opener for us Filipinos, especially now that more and more economical advancements will be occurring and since a noted third world country, we tend to be left behind bringing on Filipinos appreciating more the advancements of other nation than their very own. The film also contains war that might portray current real-life feuds that is present in our country. These feuds may entail interpersonal or intrapersonal issues. It also attacks the differences among provincial and city life-style, social status and devotion or appreciate in general.

As for the technicalities, the light and audio scoring is highly in conformity with the The spanish language colonization setting which then, gives its viewers an experience in the setting. The whole film relayed so much ethical lessons even though at times, that gave us a pulling feeling.

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