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Afghanistan can be found in the north of the KPK Province of Pakistan. Excellent common border with Pakistan and occupies a place of 251, 773 Sq . m. Most of the population is orthodox Sunni Muslim. Pakistan and Afghanistan are quick neighbors having 2240 kilometres common boundary formally called Durand Line. Despite shared geography, racial and faith, relations with Afghanistan have not been clean. Rather, they’ve been a painful. With all the Indian risk looming in the East, Afghanistan’s hostile frame of mind has added additional in the delicate security environment challenging the very existence of Pakistan.

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Pak-Afghan associations revolve around the central concept of the trust and mistrust. In Pak-Afghan relationships mistrust instead of trust remained a dominant and mutual phenomenon. The intensity of mistrust to each other features varied in several regimes. For many part of Pakistan’s independent history, relations with Afghanistan had been problematic, seen as a recurrent common suspicions which in turn most of the instances are visible in the guidelines of interference and even in tries at undermining cooperative procedures.

Although Afghanistan is actually a Muslim country, yet it has pursued a hostile plan towards Pakistan since freedom. The people of Pakistan had been extremely disappointed to see Afghanistan, being a Muslim neighboring region, strongly other Pakistan’s access into the U. N. To. however , Pakistan showing large heartedness dismissed this inhospitable and unfriendly gesture of Afghanistan and expressed the desire to cultivate close relations with Afghanistan.

Traditional Background: It truly is regrettable reality of the record that in the time of Pakistan’s birth, Afghanistan has maintained an attitude of hostile neighbors and Pakistan must live with it because neighbours cannot be improved. At the heart of Afghanistan’s unsociable attitude toward Pakistan were the issues of Durand Series and Pakhtoonistan. Both problems were based on Afghanistan’s goals of restoring control of NWFP and other areas which, to get a brief period, were component to Ahmad Shah Abdali’s overcome territories. During 1940s, mainly because it became apparent that Great britain is likely to cost-free India, the federal government of Afghanistan asked The united kingdom that in the event of the demission of English authority the entire Pathan region as far as the Indus should revert to Afghan sovereignty or the people of NWFP be given range of independent Pathan state.

Since then Afghanistan is playing self-styled champion’s position for the establishment of, “Pakhtoonistan”. For better comprehension of the issue and coherency with the events Pak- Afghan relations are explained into 3 phases. This phase wise distribution in the events could help in obtaining in-depth look of the events that formed the bilateral relation to its present program.

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