fictional context composition


1 . What are the results if you carefully consider the surrounding context of a passage, nevertheless ignore its literary genre?

When you are browsing the Bible, understanding and interpreting the actual meaning is among the most crucial things we must do. In the text, Hays and Duvall admit “we would venture so far as to say that the most important principle of biblical interpretation is that circumstance determines which means.  If we make the mistake of ignoring the context, attempting to leads to misinterpretation and distress of the actual scriptures are actually trying to claim.

It is important to know the historical-cultural context and also the literary framework in order to correctly understand what has been said.

2 . Besides those examples reported in this part, what are a few instances of interpreting a biblical passage aside from its immediate context?

I do believe it is always important to really understand what you will be reading inside the Bible; since sometimes while we are reading the Bible, in hopes of finding hope for00 a question, it might be easy to distort the text for making it in shape your situation.

I think most of the time this occurs in extremely unfortunate ways, like when people are trying to make use of the word against one another. I have personally found people employ Bible poems against a person or a group of people to create them down, or to help to make themselves seem to be superior to one more group of people. I do not believe the Holy book should be used to harm the other person, or to persecute people. One among my favorite rates from Hays & Duvall is “misreading the Scriptures ultimately is painful people simply by enslaving all of them, rather than placing them free with fact. 

a few. When is topical preaching contextually valid? The moment does it disregard and violate context?

Topical ointment preaching can be vaild when the various pathways are recognized in circumstance and the general message won’t violate these individual contexts (Duvall & Hays, 2008). However , frequently topical speaking distorts the meaning of Scripture because it disregards the literary context. Relevant preaching generally disregards and violates framework because it leaps from one passageway to another, when this happens unrelated thoughts are put together. It truly is like finding thoughts at random in order to shape your very own conclusion, this really is a violation of the circumstance.


Duvall, M., & Hays, J. (2008). Journey into God’s Phrase. Grand Rapids, MI:



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