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This dissertation is a fictional analysis in the play Romeo and Juliet. Its file format is Stage, Proof and Explanation. Problem was “What factors and/or characters lead to the later demise of Romeo and Juliet My spouse and i used the characters of Lady and Lord Capulet, Juliets Nurse, and Friar Laurence. You will discover direct rates from the perform as well relevant ones. The essay is 929 words in length.

Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet presents visitors with the story of a disastrously doomed like.

It is the tale of two teenagers who fall in appreciate and the people and circumstances that prevent them via being with each other. Four heroes in particular, namely Lady and Lord Capulet, Juliet’s registered nurse, and Friar Laurence, enjoyed a significant role in the damage of the main characters and young lovers, Romeo and Juliet. These types of characters, through acts of selfishness, unfaithfulness and expert over the youthful lovers resulted in their anxious actions and ultimate fatality.

Lady and Lord Capulet, Juliet’s mother and father contributed to the events leading to the demise of Romeo and Juliet right from the beginning of the play.

Juliet’s dad, Lord Capulet, creates a façade about how much he enjoys and cares for his girl when the truth is he shows that he really does not have her best interest at heart. At the start of the enjoy, Lord Capulet says to Paris, (the nephew of the prince of Verona, who does bring the Capulet family power and respect if this individual marries Juliet):

“My child is yet a new person in the world

she hath not seen the change of fourteen years;

Let two more high seasons wither within their pride

Ere we may believe her fresh to be a star of the wedding. 

(II, ii, 8-11).

This gives you the impression of a nurturing and thoughtful father, who may be concerned about his child’s wellness and acknowledges that she’s too

young to be married. Yet, by the end with the play, when ever Juliet stands up to her father and says she will not want to marry Paris, he turns into angry with her and says “¦Disobedient wretch! /I tell thee what, get thee to church o’Thursday [to marry Paris]/Or never after appear me inside the face(III, v, 160-163). Head of the family Capulet is showing his true feelings toward his daughter and shows you that his real purposes are self-serving. Lady Capulet, Juliet’s mother also aids in the damage of Romeo and Juliet by her shallow and self-centered characteristics. She believes that Juliet should marry Paris, designed for love or happiness, although because Rome is prosperous and good looking and will bring the Capulet family more power and prestige.

Once Lady Capulet says “And find please writ right now there with beauty’s pen. / Examine every married lineament, / And discover how the other person lends content (I, iii, 82-85) she’s trying to persuade Juliet that Paris tends to make a good partner because of his good looks. Her advise to her daughter demonstrates that she actually is only concerned about image without consideration of her daughter’s wishes or needs. The two Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet have only their personal motives and values at heart when they decide about their daughter’s future. This contributes to the helplessness and isolation that Juliet seems which ultimately leads Juliet to her death.

Another manipulative, self-serving figure is Juliet’s nurse. Around the surface, she appears to be a person that Juliet can easily confide in during difficult scenarios, yet over the play, her actions would demonstrate that she truly contributes to the destruction of Romeo and Juliet. Primarily, she played the part of a messenger between the two lovers helping their romantic relationship by relaying secret text messages between the condemned lovers. Concurrently she also were understanding and sympathetic to Juliet’s thoughts by lending Juliet a sympathetic ear.

Yet when ever Lord and girl Capulet thwart Romeo and Juliet’s strategies of a life together, the nurse, to keep her task, does not try to comfort Juliet, she merely says “[Romeo] is useless -or ’twere as good he were (III, iv, 235) and tells her “I think this best you married with [Paris](III, iv, 218). This kind of causes Juliet grief since she dependable her registered nurse, who through the years has become more like a mother to her, and now the only one she dependable is betraying her. Because of this unfaithfulness and feelings of total hopelessness, Juliet’s thoughts of suicide started to be prevalent and she turned to friar Laurence for help.

In spite of the truth that Friar Laurence enjoyed the part of a helpful companion to Romeo and Juliet, he eventually helped within their final devastation. In the beginning of the play, when ever Romeo visited Friar Laurence for help, he believes that the matrimony of the two teenagers might end the long running argument between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s. It is evident that when Friar Laurence says “In a single respect Items thy assistant be/ Just for this alliance may well so show, / to turn your households’ rancor to pure love(II, iii, 86-88), all he’s thinks about can be described as way to get rid of the feud that has brought on “three municipal brawls (I, i, 87), and have triggered the pointless death of numerous.

Even following Romeo can be banished and there seems to be no optimism Romeo and Juliet, almost all Friar Laurence can consider is “blaze (announcing) thy marriage (III, iii, 150). What friar Laurence will not realize is the fact he is giving false hope to both Romeo and Juliet, allowing them to believe their lives will ultimately be okay. In reality, we as readers know that this may never become, and thus, Friar Laurence is definitely setting the stage intended for Romeo and Juliet’s break down.

In the perform, the main heroes are teens who are forced to deal with incredibly complex problems surrounding all their simple like for each additional. The people, who also influence these to do so, would be the ones who also are responsible to get the fatality and destruction of Romeo and Juliet.

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