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S. include two several approaches. Even though the EU represents the “soft power” the United States is the advocatte for the “hard power” (Kagan, 2003). However , it is regarded as that the concern of smooth power is usually representative for the way in which states would later on develop their particular foreign insurance plan and their strategic coordinates. However , in the case of War and Serbia it can be declared the current hard power procedure cannot be accustomed to the maximum for the reason that U. S i9000. In particular will not take into consideration you see, the implications of culture, for example. On the other hand nevertheless , the soft power of the EU could make better make use of the effect and position of Turkey in the make an effort to deal with issues such as terrorism

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However , one of the most important aspects of the geopolitical position of Turkey is usually its nearness to War and Serbia. Since the 9/11 attacks those two countries as well as the Middle East region are viewed as to be of maximum risk for the European Union nevertheless more importantly pertaining to the EUROPEAN UNION. Indeed, it is sometimes considered which the issue of terrorism affect the EU to a smaller level that the U. S. And for the EUROPEAN UNION there is small need to take severe measures to counter the phenomenon. However, recent events have tested that this insurance plan is by not any means a viable one in situations in which the EU demands to have a particular security identity, one that is not connected to the U. S. (Kagan, 2003). It is a matter of Western european identity and terms of the secureness threats there are too many thoughts and the need for a single voice. Therefore , will need to there be a strong interconnection point while using Middle East through Poultry the dialogue would be guaranteed much easier simply because there would be an unmediated relationship between the two.

Another part of the necessity of the European Union to combine Turkey in the communitarian buildings is the issue related to the democratization of the Middle East area. Indeed, it is rather hard to consider the fact that the state which can be experiencing challenges in its very own political and social buildings would be a useful gizmo for the promotion of democracy in other places. However , the Turkish jump demands a particular sense of consolidation of the democratic procedure. In this sense thus, “the consolidation procedure is much more probably be successful if the EU does start jump negotiations with Turkey (… ) the current government incredibly aware of this kind of reality has embarked after policies, especially in the foreign plan arena that you could not have thought of” (Kirisci, 2004, 215).

The European Union provides long desired to expand the horizons of its construction. The current condition of the Euro Communities is both a great intergovernmental one and a supranational one particular. However , there are more and more elements which has to be addressed on the supranational level. Depending on the thoughts stated with the national levels, there can be more pros than cons in regard to the issue of raising the supranational level of discussion inside the Union. Nevertheless, the issue of foreign insurance plan has however to surpass the desires of the countrywide states to take care of at least some of the advantages of a sovereign state. Nevertheless, the issue of Poultry can be activated both to the issue from the supranational sizing of the EU’s security in addition to the national one particular. In this perception, more specifically, the New Neighborhood policy with the EU “accession to membership is ruled out, for the non-European Mediterranean countries; but also for other cases remain available, such as all those European countries which may have clearly anxious their wish to join the EU” (Tashan, 2004). Yet , in order to have this sort of a relationship viable it is vital that a greater ethnic diversity exist in the European Union so that partner states and future users have an component with which they can identify.

Finally, of particular importance pertaining to the case of Turkey to achieve access within the EU is definitely the fight against terrorism which can be underway on the globe, following the lawbreaker terrorist serves of 2001 onwards. It is necessary for europe that Poultry shares a similar values and norms with regards to the fight against terrorists as well as the way in which these actions should be fought against. Therefore , the fact that under these types of circumstance, Turkey can offer complete, utter, absolute, wholehearted access intended for the European Union and its allies within an eventual direct fight with the Iranian point out is an essential issue the fact that EU must take into account. Simultaneously however , a defieicency of Iraq is indeed a troublesome situation to get Europe as a result of Kurdish issue in the North. Nonetheless, many include argued this would be a great reason for rejecting the account option to Chicken. More precisely, “northern Iraq is a flashpoint that has the to trip Iraq into another round of city war. Also, it is the one area of the country that, if engulfed in violence, could result in the intervention of some of Iraq’s neighbors. The problems bound in the Kurdish region, in the status of Kirkuk and the related issues of Kurdish nationalism towards the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) struggle with Chicken and the Get together for a Cost-free Life in Kurdistan’s (PJAK) confrontation with Iran for the long-awaited essential oil law will be fraught with risk for Turkey, Iraq, the Kurds of both countries and the United states of america. ” () Therefore , it can be clear which the region is definitely a unpredictable one from your point-of-view in the security aspect; still, with no support and supervision of the European Union, physical violence can escalate and can influence indirectly the borders of the EU with no Turkey as a member state.

Total, it can be concluded that the European Union needs the account of Chicken from different reasons. One of the most important is related to the matter of reliability in the region and in the world. With this sense, with Turkey as a part state, the EU may have a representative tone of voice in the deal with against terrorism, in the region, in the immediate contacts together with the Mediterranean says.


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