Case Facts: We all decided to talk about the case of the homeless guy provided in the textbook. Here are the case information: A homeless man attemptedto save a lady that had been attacked in New York City. At the same time he was stabbed.

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He was noticeably bleeding around the sidewalk over an hour, while people went by, took pictures and stopped to check out him. A single man shook him. Nobody attempted to help him, keep with him, or perhaps call unexpected emergency services. The homeless person died within the sidewalk. Obligations, Duties and Rights: Following reading the initial facts of the watch case, we talked about the commitments, duties and rights most held by passersby and viewers with the situation.

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They can be as follows: Every passerby has the right to their particular personal safety and health, as well as the directly to remain quiet and unknown. Given these undeniable legal rights, every passerby also has the moral work and obligation to report a seen crime to the authorities. They also have the duty to work towards preserving the safety and well-being of their community.

Along with this duty, concerns obligation to back up and safeguard the most susceptible among this community. Outcomes: Our group further mentioned the ramifications of the condition and the associated consequences, the two intended and unintended, great and bad. Following are the consequences that can have occurred if the passersby got chosen to present aid towards the homeless guy: First, the man’s lifestyle could have been kept.

Another end result would be the obtaining and persecution of the felony. Another, would be setting a positive example pertaining to the community, consequently promoting the safety of the community as a whole. One other positive consequence could be operating as a catalyst for foreseeable future laws being enacted aiding the community.

Finally, a positive final result from assisting the homeless man might leave the passersby with altruistic thoughts. Negative implications that could derive from refusing to assist the desolate man would include: The homeless guy dies as well as the criminal goes out, potentially continuous to injury more members of the community. Another outcome includes the population losing a feeling of security as well as the passersby having the uneasiness and uncertainty of not knowing the end result of the circumstance if they chose to leave before his death.

Finally, if the passerby chose to disappear, they deal with the adverse consequence of feeling of feel dissapointed about upon denying their personal morals and obligations. Ethical Ideals: Having analyzed the important points, obligations and consequences of the watch case, the meaningful ideals that we have extrapolated happen to be: Justice, honesty, loving closeness, and courage. Justice, denoting the evaluation of scenarios according to their merits, fairly and without bias, as well as providing each person his or her due. The best way to perform justice through this situation may have been to make certain that the criminal was located and prosecuted, and protecting the life of the homeless gentleman.

Integrity, the quality of being genuine and having strong meaning principles in spite of who is viewing, is the second moral principle that we have made the decision best pertains to this case. In the event the passerby acquired acted with integrity, he would have opted to stay with or in some way help the desolate man to insure that his your life was salvaged as opposed to denying their meaningful obligation in walking away and choosing to ignore the circumstance. The next moral principle is definitely Loving attention, doing on to others as you may would have all of them do unto you, or simply the Golden Secret.

If the passersby had showed loving closeness, they would possess felt accord towards the destitute man as being a fellow man and could have ensured that he received aid, as they would have wished someone do for them in case their roles had been reversed. The ultimate moral ideal that we sensed most placed on this case was courage, consisting only in conquering fear and in withholding the body from flight regardless of the risk of soreness. We sensed that this meaning ideal applied to the case, since it would require the passersby to dismiss their legal rights to protection as human beings and allow their very own obligations to aid the man override their impression of fear and low self-esteem.

If the passerby had managed this ideal of bravery, they would possess approached the homeless man and helped to save his life.

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