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Moral Decision Making Method

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The case examine at hand consists of a number of problems. The above all is that of the treatment and guidance of an addict that refuses to admit that he includes a problem that needs to be dealt with to ensure him to not only lead a normal healthier life although also might possess implications for his family life. Additionally , the patient involved refuses to sustain AIDS medical clinic appointments, where he had recently been declared HIV seropositive by the doctors at the hospital in which he was initially admitted for alcohol-related trauma. In this situation, advisors are facing certain volume of ethical dilemmas which prove during the psychological treatment of this sort of patients. However are specifications of practice and requirements ethics identified by specialist bodies like the American Counseling Association (ACA) (ACA, 2005). Such professional bodies set forth a set of rules that describe the ethical behavior that’s needed is by the occupation from all of the serving in it. Yet , being a specialist counselor pertaining to addicts needs the additional hardship of using one’s professional judgment (as the answer for a lot of possible circumstances that can happen while working with patients cannot be documented within a rule book), ethical decision-making, clearly defined personal code of ethics, and regular introspection. With craving often as being a potentially perilous disease, full compliance using ethical things to consider on the part of the therapist or perhaps counselor then becomes a couple of life and death.

To work, a counselor needs to posses certain personal and specialist attributes which have been necessary out there. The most important becoming a conscious comprehension of their own individuality, i. e., knowing their particular gifts, along with their restrictions in certain factors, along with their judgment of what is important to them and how they operate while human beings. An additional aspect of becoming a sound professional counselor for addicts is to be emotionally target. A counselor should not obtain tied up in the emotions with the patient and impair his or her objectivity therefore. In order to asses and evaluate the situation from the patient extensively, the counselor needs to be capable of being in control of his/her emotions and not let his/her personal views and feelings get in the way of treating the patient. In case the counselor seems that his or her professional overall performance is disadvantaged in any manner then he/she should be ready to seek treatment for one or perhaps enter a peer support program if he/she suspects impairment inside the objectivity, sincerity and professional performance of the colleague. Nor should the counselor in any way impose his/her individual values within the patient. The counselor should certainly at all times be self-aware of his/her integrity and how his or her actions and words will certainly reflect on this. Also every single counselor should adopt an investigative procedure towards the therapy of their people. They should be curious by their tales, however , nevertheless should take all this in with a hint of specialist skepticism. It is the counselors’ work to understand the basis and nature of the addiction that the affected person suffers from, and develop a plan for treatment in accordance with the personality traits and lifestyle from the patient (Amodeo, Ellis, Samet, 2006), that the patient could accept conveniently and undertake without much problems.

An important section of the ethical decision making that the counselor practices is definitely the treatment of almost all patients quite and without any kind of discrimination. As members of professional addiction counseling physiques, professional craving counselors are required to maintain a demeanor of endurance and patience towards their very own patients, and not exercise any sort of discrimination in relation to race, religion, gender, lovemaking orientation, grow older, disability, normal ancestry or perhaps economic state etc . The code of ethics shown by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Consultants stipulated multi-cultural ethical criteria in order to minimize the risk of the sufferers being cared for by counselors representing the views of the dominant contemporary society (which can be far from taking and forgiving, especially in the circumstance of habit patients) (Doyle, 1997). Confidentiality of information is likewise important. Medicine or drug abuse patients curently have this problem in their lives. Come to consider how deal of they are to subject themselves to guidance. Well, with this, the counselor should be professional enough to understand the fact that patient will never like it if perhaps any information about him will be unveiled to others. Here is where the part of the code of integrity on confidentiality of information comes in. Thus, the partnership between a great addiction counselor and individual should be regarding mutual trust and value (Watts, 1999). Both are increased by the counselor’s consistent attention to such moral considerations.

A great ethical infringement stands to irrevocably damage the trust between the affected person and the counselor. It is the responsibility of the habit counselor to buy knowledge and skills in order to him to combat habit disease and alcoholism. The counselor should certainly avoid underhanded conduct or perhaps of less than professional modes of practice, and really should report such inappropriate tendencies to appropriate authorities. he/she should preserve respect pertaining to institutional guidelines and management functions from the agencies and institutions within which the solutions are getting performed, but will take initiative toward improving such plans when it will certainly better provide the interest from the patient. The counselor should certainly uphold the legal and accepted meaningful codes which in turn pertain to professional execute. The counselor shall ensure that products or services connected with or given by the counselor by means of instructing, demonstration, magazines or other types of media meet the ethical standards of the recommended ethical code. The main purpose and happiness for the counselor needs to be patient wellbeing.

The case of Mr. N can be understood as a great ethical situation for the mental health counselor. To keep with the therapy of Mr. B, it is important for the health counselor to first recognize the key difficulty that has place Mr. N in his current situation. His background and details about his life would also be required to properly become a a part of his therapy. As per my personal observance, the case of Mr. B provides quite a few honest problems involved and would require me personally to be ethically strict after the matter currently happening. The 1st dilemma of this case which i understand is that Mr. W recently came to his clinic appointments and says he was mixed up in abuse of alcohol and cocaine actually after the hospitalization. On his previous visit he previously refused to acknowledge that he had been consuming any alcohol or perhaps cocaine following your hospitalization period. Here the possible issue that can be seen is that both Mr. W lacks trust upon the counselor or perhaps that his mental overall health has deteriorated to this kind of extent that he is at this point indulging in the act of lying. Because his counselor, I would have to remain warn whenever this individual discusses regarding something , nor believe him instantly, while his mental health could be making him go for deceiving the counselor to achieve an improved report so he might be permitted to go meet up with his kids and continue with his job. This would require me additional case with professional skepticism, as blaming Mr. M with resting can also be incorrect and he actually might be willing to get over his complications. If there is any difficulty with controlling his circumstance, then I might consider obtaining consultation, whilst also use the current ethical laws and legislation in place to make sure that this ethical problem is taken care of appropriately.

I will notice is that Mr. N has been a standard drug abuser for most of his lifestyle, which has brought on him his two marriages and the legal rights to his three children. Upon his latest go to, he promised to continue frequent visits in order that he might be allowed to support his children and visit all of them. He has revealed that he’s a bus driver and it is highly enthusiastic to continue along with his current job. Although his expressions in order to continue with his job being a bus drivers and to have right to visit his kids seem to be the motivational elements for him for his therapy, he might be simply temporarily all set to recover because his history shows that he promises to continue with remedies but eventually skips these people. As his counselor, employing the social constructivism model of ethical decision making (Corey, Corey, Callanan, 2011), I would need to ensure that a suitable interactive method of treatment is designed to ensure that he might concentrate upon the work at hand and continue his visits towards the clinics regular as he has promised.

Emotionally, Mr. W can use his story to influence after the counseling process to travel in his prefer. He can even use the idea of transference to make the counselor more encouraging towards his cause. The ethical issue here will be to deal the transference concern appropriately. As being a counselor, it would be important to stay aware of

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