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Why choose Westminster Kingsway College?

The central London location: courses take place at the Victoria Center which is a five-minute walk by Victoria mainline and subway stations Each of our facilities and resources: the centre contains a very well-equipped Learning Centre with IT facilities and an extensive selection of teaching and learning components Our on the net Virtual Learning Environment ‘Moodle’: this allows use of a range of support supplies on your residence PC The experience: we have been running instructor training courses for over 25 years and also have a well-deserved reputation pertaining to extremely top quality, effective educating Our the good quality assurance systems: moreover to external monitoring by Cambridge, we are part of the public sector and are inspected simply by OFSTED The success rates: we certainly have a proven track-record of very nice pass costs on all our courses The amount of individual focus we offer: our trainers are participating at every level of your program, from initial enquiry to post-course guidance and direction The account of our teaching practice groupings: our students are highly motivated and result from a very wide array of linguistic, geographic and social backgrounds. Some are asylum seekers and refugees whilst others reside and working in London for a relatively short time.

This mix of students means that your teaching practice gives you knowledge to supply you to train in a range of situations in both the private and public sector in the UK or overseas. In addition, it helps you choose sector you should prefer to operate Extremely dangerous of trainee satisfaction: discover “What CELTICO did pertaining to me” pertaining to comments via past trainees Advice and guidance on employment opportunities: all our programs include periods on getting teaching work, and some of the candidates go on to operate Westminster Kingsway and other universities Westminster Kingsway College’s Teacher Training courses will be based with the Victoria Middle, right in the heart of London, regarding 5 minutes walk from Victoria underground and main line station.

Moreover to Educator Training courses, the faculty offers or perhaps day and evening programs in English/ESOL (English pertaining to Speakers of Other Languages). We are section of the public sector and acquire government funding for each of our courses. Which means that our service fees compare positively with other educator training companies. Our facilities include a significant cafeteria, a really well-equipped Learning Centre and computer gain access to for all scholars. Our Instructor Trainers All of our team are qualified instructor trainers, with extensive connection with teaching EFL and ESOL in a range of situations, both in great britain and international.

The majority are as well Cambridge-accredited external assessors. All are directly utilized by the College and regularly upgrade their tutor training expertise and knowledge. Trainer Profiles Katerina Ashiotis: Katerina started out her instructing career because an EFL teacher in the private sector in London immediately after leaving school. She journeyed, then trained in Portugal for two years in a private school. Your woman then came back to London and performed as an English teacher instructing adults a lot of the time.

She worked in three different personal schools because an EFL teacher, Senior Teacher and Director of Studies and started instructor training in year 1994. Katerina contains a Diploma and an MA in Linguistics and in 2002 completed a PGCE in FE (PCET with ESOL Specialism). Seite an seite to working and training in the private sector the girl worked as being a visiting EFL lecturer for Westminster Kingsway College for over 12 years. The girl started operating at Wc2 Kingsway University full-time since an ELT lecturer and teacher trainer in 2002.

In addition to the CELTA course, Katerina is also a teacher trainer for PTLLS and DTLLS courses. Recently, she has been involved in the style and delivery of a quantity of training programs for educators from To the south Korea and Albania. Chris Brain: Following a degree of all time and a PGCE on the University of London, Bob started educating EFL in London in 1979. He then worked in Italy coming from 1980 to 1988 and took the RSA Diploma or degree at Foreign House in Rome in 1986.

He delivered to London in 1989 and therefore trained as a CELTA trainer. He ongoing to operate the private sector, started to be a CELTICO Assessor in 1992 and a DELTA trainer over 10 years ago. Chris became a member of Westminster Kingsway College in January 2150 as a full-time member of staff and has worked on the variety of training including EFL, ESOL, CELTICO and DELTA. Michael Harmsworth: Michael started out teaching in 1982 and became a teacher trainer in 1986.

He has been at Westminster Kingsway College since October 1997. Before that he was Overseer of Teacher Training by two exclusive language universities in London after working a total of eight years working abroad, in Portugal, Italy and Spain. In 1992 he became a great Assessor to get the CELTA course.

Jordan has an MA with Distinction in TESOL (Teaching English language to Speakers of Various other Languages) plus the Cambridge/RSA Degree with Differentiation. He provides delivered a comprehensive range of courses at all amounts. His current studies focus on his obtaining Associate Account of the United kingdom Dyslexia Connection (AMBDA). Gabriel Mulcauley: Gabriel completed a degree in English Literature with the University of Sheffield followed by a PGCE in British and Theatre at the College or university of Leeds. Her initially experience of instructing English was at a Summer season School in Greece.

Having spent several years travelling and teaching in private vocabulary schools, Gabriel came to London in 1991 and took the Diploma in TEFL at Waltham Forest College in 1992. Your woman began employed in Further Education in year 1994 at Hackney Community College before becoming a member of Westminster Kingsway College over 10 years ago. Gabriel started out training to become teacher trainer in The fall of 2004 which is enjoying this interesting new challenge. four Our English/ESOL courses and students The English/ESOL classes are suitable for adult learners (19+) who are living in the UK both permanently or perhaps as asile or refugees and for European migrant employees.

We offer a number of courses to meet a wide range of requires. Some programs are more ideal for EU migrant workers and allow students to get a certification quickly. Other folks are more appropriate for students who need to cope up on various other skills, just like basic literacy. All classes are or perhaps, either day-time or night time, and last either for a single term or one term (18 weeks).

Students study either every day (Monday – Friday) or maybe more evenings each week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday). There are two examine options within the daytime programs: ESOL Extra and ESOL Express. In ESOL Extra learners research for 2 . 5 hours per day and on ESOL Exhibit they examine for two hours per day. On the evening courses, hours are identical: learners examine for installment payments on your 5 several hours on two evenings per week.

Qualifications Every one of the courses lead to an evaluation: this is usually a Trinity Skills for lifetime Certificate. We provide these requirements at five levels coming from Entry 1 (beginner) to Level 2 . Students take an exam in Speaking and Hearing, Reading and Writing. What is CELTA?

CELTICO is a primary qualification for people with little or no earlier teaching knowledge. It is the most widely known and most broadly taken first ‘TESOL/TEFL’ degree of its kind on the globe. Who acknowledges CELTA? It really is accepted all over the world by organisations which utilize English Terminology teachers.

It has also been accredited by the Office of Requirements and Exams Regulation (Ofqual) at Level 5 within the National Certification Framework intended for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Who may be CELTA intended for? People starting a career in English Dialect teaching: The course provide you with a firm grounding in the basic principles of terminology teaching practice, and the confidence to use these effectively in their classroom. People searching for a career transform or profession break: An increasing number of candidates will be professionals who like a fresh career path or perhaps want to take a short break in their existing profession, which may entail the opportunity to live and work abroad.

People already instructing English good results . no formal qualifications: You might already be instructing English but have no formal teaching requirements. CELTA will allow you to improve your instructing, confirm the ability and may even lead to interior promotion or maybe a better instructing job. Who may be eligible to apply? What does CELTA involve?

The course is extremely demanding and a high level of commitment. You have to attend the whole course, and homework tasks. You will have to devote a considerable amount of time for you to course work exterior class several hours, and we highly recommend that you do not go part-time operate or additional studies through the course. You must also be prepared to recognize constructive critique from your trainers and other students and be ready to reconsider the assumptions regarding teaching and learning.

What really does the course cover? The training course aims to educate the principles of effective teaching and a range of functional skills for teaching English language to mature learners. You may have hands-on educating practice, see experienced instructors and complete several practically-focussed drafted assignments. Unit 1: Scholars and educators and the teaching and learning context Device 2: Language Analysis and awareness Product 3: Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing Product 4: Organizing and helpful different educating contacts Unit 5: Growing teaching skills and professionalism.

How will I be evaluated? You will be assessed throughout the course: there is no final examination. An external assessor, designated by Cambridge ESOL, moderates each course. There are two components of examination: Teaching Practice: You will teach for a total of six hours, working with classes for two capacity levels.

Evaluation is based on your entire performance at the conclusion of the six hours. Drafted Assignments: You can expect to complete four written assignments: one in adult learning and learning contexts, one on an aspect of the language system of English, one on an part of language skills and one in classroom educating and the id of action points. Evaluation and Grading Grading of candidates through continuous analysis. There is no final examination. Good candidates happen to be awarded the “Cambridge CELTA” at among the following grades: “Pass”, Go “B”, and Pass “A”.

You will have at least two individual courses to check that your notion of your improvement agrees with regarding your instructors. If there is a hazard that you will fail, your trainers will make this clear and discuss wherever and how you may improve. We all aim to always be as clear and available as possible about your development.

Included in the Cambridge system, every training course is achieved by another assessor, who visits the college for one or maybe more days. Additionally to checking that we are complying with course restrictions, the assessor is available to listen to any details you or your group would like to make. If you feel that we are providing you with unfair tests, you can go over this with the assessor. Obtaining the program Selection to the course is dependent on an interview, enduring approximately two hours and a drafted task.

You should complete the license application form at the back of this booklet and submit this with your personal statement to the Training course Organiser. You’ll be given the written process at the interview. Is it a problem that I’ve never educated before? No . The study course is an intro to English language instructing. People who curently have experience at times find it a drawback as you possibly can difficult to unlearn old practices and learn new techniques.

I possess got lots of presence, I know a lot regarding English and I am accustomed to standing up in front of people and telling them things, thus i am guaranteed to be a very good teacher, proper? Wrong. The talents to connect well and listen to learners are more crucial than an over-emphasis in “telling”.

Can it matter basically miss any kind of part of the training course? Yes. totally attendance is definitely expected apart from in excellent circumstances. What happens if I i am ill throughout the course? The Cambridge rules stipulate that if you miss more than twenty percent of the complete course or any of the six hours of assessed teaching practice, you’re not eligible for the certificate besides in outstanding circumstances. Will there be much paperwork?

You will be accountable for maintaining a portfolio of your work throughout the course which constitutes your official examined record. You will additionally need to be able to keep documents and access papers very easily. I have by no means been able to spell correctly: does it matter?

Yes. Learners of English expect all their teachers to spell fairly accurately. Likewise, Cambridge guidelines require prospects to be able to compose in English language that is “essentially free of errors”. Part of our interview procedure is designed to check this.

Will I have to follow any kind of particular methodology? Our target is to offer you a range of approaches and strategies which you can select from. I’ve never learned grammar just before: is this a problem? Many local speakers of English understand little about the technicians of their own terminology and are unconfident about teaching grammar.

Part of our selection process is to make sure that you have the potential to follow the grammar component of the training course. When I have got completed my personal CELTA, what further educating qualifications should I take? It depends on your career plans. If you intend to work in Even more Education, the Cambridge ESOL Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector gives you the qualification you need.

If you prefer a qualification with a more international bias, of course, if you are interested in growing your EFL career even more broadly, the DELTA (Diploma in English language Language Instructing to Adults) may be appropriate. We do not presently offer the DELTA course in WKC. If I am good in CELTICO, can I take the Cambridge ESOL Diploma training course immediately soon after? We recommend that you gain at least 50 hours sensible teaching knowledge before starting the Diploma. You need to go through a variety process that involves an interview and completion of a task.

Also, we can only acknowledge you on to the Diploma or degree course even if you teach, and/or planning to train, in the Additional Education sector. There is no standard reading list, but here are some useful titles: Methodology Learning Teaching, Sean Scrivener (Macmillan Heinemann). The Practice of English Vocabulary Teaching (4th edition), Jeremy Harmer (Longman). Grammar Functional English Usage, Michael Swan (OUP). Grammar for English language Language Instructing, Martin Parrot (CUP).

What CELTA has been doing for me? For many of our trainees, success on their course has led to some very positive changes in their very own lives. This is just what two of them told us: “I was 51 after i did my CELTA course… a bit older, and my only repent is that We didn’t do it 20 years earlier. My day job had become excruciatingly unbearable and it was after i was undertaking Spanish nighttime classes i got the idea of doing a CELTICO when I realized what a pleasurable life my Spanish tutor was having. The 4-week course was intensive although that was part of the enjoyment.

The three tutors were incredibly supportive throughout and always offered us outspoken and genuine advice. The students were a genial mix of persons and were always individual and good-humoured with their alternatively clumsy and inexperienced educators. It was a very rewarding knowledge and at the final of the course I sensed that I acquired got my personal brain again. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially those whom are free to visit abroad and teach, while schools from this country usually want teachers with experience if you do a Summer School. Nevertheless, a CELTICO is a very flexible extra chain to anyone’s bow, and with that you should find it way to discover a job around the globe. ” Mick Hutchinson “I did a CELTA study course when I was 24 years old.

I had simply finished a contract as an Events Associate in the metropolis and needed something different to perform. I had observed a lot regarding CELTA and TEFL training and how valuable they were in the event you wanted to go travelling and to teach English in your home country. I carefully enjoyed myself, and it absolutely was a very satisfying as well as tough experience. Yet , be warned that for one month it is hard work, but it’s well worth it! “When I accomplished my CELTICO I trained English to Italian pupils for a while although went back to work in the location. However , I always knew I would use the CELTICO at some point and I am now about to spend the summer in Ecuador teaching English! ” Diana Chapman What inspires students?

Exactlty what can you do to hold motivation large? Teacher Training with Wc2 Kingsway School Teaching is one of the most worthwhile professions also it gives you with all the opportunity to connect to people of all ages and by all areas. Westminster Kingsway College provides a number of educating courses that will help you to progress in to teaching as a career and develop your expertise for the classroom.

Jobs at a glance: Instructor Lecturer Headteacher Social Staff member Researcher Institution Administrator Educating Courses for Westminster Kingsway College: This really is a selection of the teaching programs at the College or university – call us for further information. CELTA: License in Educating English to Speakers of Other Languages Access to Degree Diploma: Education Studies and Teacher Schooling Preparing to Educate in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Diploma or degree in Educating in the Ongoing Learning Sector (DTLLS) Visit www.westking.ac.uk for further details about Waltham forest Kingsway School

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